One day…

One day my children will look at me, and tell themselves – We wanna be like Abbu.

For that I want to be what I have thought to be…

I want to love my wife as if she is the only one existing on the planet who deserve my love as a wife..

.. I wanna treat her like a princess, as I will be the prince.. and my parents – king and queen of the house we will live in together with happily married life..

.. I wanna touch the finger of our new born child..

.. and sleep next to them hugging them from aside..

..I want to look into her eyes and smile, when my children look at us through hiding glances – because they feel shy..

.. I wanna wake up early, and wake our children with a pleasant kiss on their forehead and the beautiful morning prayer which they will love to listen in my voice..

.. I wanna prepare their breakfast, with my own hands.. because that will be a source of happiness in my life..

.. I wanna do the laundry, and teach our child.. Either you are a male or female household work is never for a single person to abide by..

.. I wanna play with them in the bathroom by splashing water on their faces which they will remember all their lives..

… and make their hairs.. which they will love and would miss this time..

.. I will keep my car ready till my wife prepares them with their school uniforms, and kiss them with warmth and care..

.. We will drive them to school, and will meet their teachers on parents-teachers day where we will know the progress of our child.

.. I wanna cook the best food in the kitchen with my wife..

.. We will have dinner together, with politeness and gratitude for the time we are together..

.. and just after that, i wanna hold the hand on my youngest child and teach her how to hold the pencil in her small sensitive fingers with an eraser in her other hand..

.. I wanna look at our children when they sleep on our laps with a feeling of comfort and security.. free from worries of life..

.. I wanna enroll them in sports as soon as they learn how to talk and walk on their essential body parts that will give them support in their old-age life..

.. We will take them to park, and teach them how to swing with their legs turned, without touching the ground..

.. We will teach them how to climb the steps, and slide freely without fear of damage because we will hold them as soon as they reaches the end of the ride..

.. we will teach them about love, where they will try to understand the other person without judging their hidden life..

.. I wanna give them surprises with things they urge for, and will always remind them – you are loved in every walk of life..

..We will teach them at early age about the topics from which parents feels shy.. because things needs to be cleared when you know it’s the time..

.. I know still there would be things I will miss, because I am not a perfect person in life.. But we will make sure we will give them freedom to live their life..

… I know – to blame my children, when I am blameworthy is foolishness..

.. and to expect them to do, what I don’t do is Zabardasti (Forcefully)..

.. I wanna make some time at night where we will sit together and listen to everyone’s day to day story of life..

.. I don’t have any expectations from my child, I just wanna be the best father who will be a role model to his children when they will face harsh and brutal truth of society, and the challenges of life..

One day my children will look at me, and tell themselves – We wanna be like Abbu..

On hearing their voice from behind the door, I wanna peacefully breathe and keep praying for my parents who give me this blessed teachings of life..

I wanna put my head in Sujood (Prostration), and cry in-front of the creator for blessing me with this sweet and beautiful parents and sisters, who acted as a motivation and practical lesson of my life.. and wanna thank my role model – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) like whom no one ever existed in the history of universe, nor will any till it will vanish in the mystery of expansion which no one is able to figure out except the Almighty God who Is Great and High…


All rights reserved 2018

— Abdul Gani punjabi

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