How I see my ideal self?

He make calls to his parents, siblings every once a week..

He learns something new every single day, and thats how his perspective changes..

He takes different paths to reach the same destination…

He is creating things he thought he would do one day..

He feels the tastes of food he eats, and clothes he wears, and accessories he acquire..

He looks within himself at night and tells himself his own story.. that he wants to create..

He makes efforts to make atleast 2 videos per month for his YouTube channel..

As soon as he gets inspired by anyone/anything he shares it on wordpress for others to experience it..

He review at the things he posts before posting them..

He is reading books he wished to read..

He is planning for things he thought one day he will plan..

He is changing himself everyday, bit by bit.. and forming a unique “HIM”..

His views are open on all topics, and he encourages people to express them..

He don’t judge anyone, instead he loves them with pure heart..

He tries to make a difference willingly in a joyful manner in his surrounding..

His behaviour and character is becoming the best of who he can be..

He Is in love, with the The Almighty for – he understand.. The Almighty have an amazing plan for him..

He is more aware about topics, and his connectivity is getting – Mind-blowing..

He is trying new stuff which he thought one day he will do..

He is taking adventures, he planned to take..

He is working part time, so he can afford his own expense

He feels safe in himself, and that makes his thoughts more clear and interesting..

He is getting filled with inner-light, whoever looks at him gets inspired..

He Is What he wants to be, and he is continuously pursuing his dream life that he is planning till his last breath..

He see opportunity when others see loss..

He makes people aware of their needs, and provide them solutions – When asked..

He is conscious of his time, thoughts, choices, acts, attitude and his mind..

#Ideal self..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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