(Badal) Change

Na jane kyu ye din badal raha hai..

Ek sukoon sa.. sir chad raha hai..

Pyar to huwa hai hame..

.. Magar kyu pehle baar ye dil kar raha hai..

… Dekhna chahta hun mai usse, magar koi jaldi nahi..

…. aankhoon mai uske pyaar ke aansu sahi..

…. Dekh le ee din, aaj mai yaha hun..

… Jisse dhun raha tha tu, aaj mai yaha khada hun..

… Khone ka usse mujhe koi gam nahi, bus chod kar usse jana ka mujhe koi man nahi…

I don’t know – How this “day” is turning..

A kind of peace is taking over my mind..

Yes I am in love…

But I don’t know why for the first time my heart is urging..

I wanna see her But.. Their is no hustle ..

Tears of loves in her eyes, Indeed..

Look at me “DAY” I am here today..

The one you were looking for, I am standing here today..

I won’t have any guilt if I lose her, It’s just that I don’t wanna leave her and goo..

All rights reserved

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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