Who was that?..

I have seen the darkness within my life..

.. Sat on the pavement and cried…

….. Are there any hopes, or – Is everything a lie..

…….. What If this is the last moment and I die…

….. But then I looked around the sides…

… She was looking at me with tearful eyes…

.. Was I going to give up? I asked myself.. Looking straight into her eyes..

…. Her aura was strong, yet she had the same thoughts as mine…

…… How strange life is ! Sitting here on the pavement I cried.. She looked straight into the wall which had a quote written.. dark, clear and fine..

“The place where you are sitting now, I sat there thinking the same thoughts as you are thinking now.. !

But before I left this place.. I heard a voice that said: Yes you lost infront of those who don’t understand you, But you have made a place in those heart.. that understand..”

I smiled.. and took her along with me..

She was my inner-voice…

#Want to be heard..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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