What will happen if i die ? Will anyone even bother to ask about me ? Does my life even counts ? There are 8 billions people out there, where do i stand ?

Just few days ago, i was working on MS Excel.. and it was common for me. But that day suddenly i got a thought, “Such a big sheet with infinite cells”.

And from their i connected, This Universe is a sheet with infinite number of Cells, The Cells are “US” (Human Being).

When this cells are filled then only the datasheet makes sense. Each and every cell have a unique place.

If any input in the cell is incorrect, it will affect the whole infinite sheet.

We as a human beings plays a role of “Cell” of the MS Excel. And the cells to the right, left,up,down is Family,Friends,Teachers, and spiritual leaders.

If the cell is damaged the entire sheet suffer the loss, just because of “ONE SINGLE CELL“.

Yes, your life is important, the way you influence others matters. You can be twenty-five and your friends can be of sixteen, you can act like Sixteen, you can make them feel comfortable around You.

A Single Person adds a value to the entire Universe, Everything in this universe is made for you.

The eyes you see with, the nose you smell with, the tongue you taste with, the air you breath, the water you drink, the heart that pumps, the kidney that functions, the hands that works, the finger that types,the legs you walk with, the friends you have,the relationships you are in,the suffering you have endure, the tests you have passed, the pain you are suffering, the brain that controls, the mind which knows infinite, the emotions you experience, the feelings you are blessed with, the parents you have, the siblings you have, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, the mobile phone that you hold in your hand, the school/College you study in, the car you drive, the train on which you board, the bus that stops, the smile that you pass, the area which you live in, the neighbours you have, the poor you see on the streets, the land you walk on, the restaurants you visits, the adventure you take, every single step is planned for you..

And if still you think, What’s the Value of your life ? Then look above at the vast sky, you are a STAR that shine.

There are billions of stars in the Galaxy and every single star have a purpose to fulfil.

Find Your Purpose of being… The Universe is at Your Service…




—— Abdul Gani Punjabi