It hard to stop yourself, when you see her for the first time.

The wish that comes out is “I wish she could be me future wife”, but i keep resisting myself until the feeling of love explode inside, i want to say her let’s be friends, or else this separation will make me die.

The feelings get stronger when i consciously try, the awareness keeps expanding and i can feel the heat developing in my heart that is creating a unique energy in my veins that makes me active, even when i deny.

Why is it so ? When i say her “HI” the moment seems to freeze, and the elements of air touch my face and passes by, but then all the feelings and energy disappears, and the eagerness to meet her slowly dies.. but i am left with comfort, and no more energy which i can use to make a wish that i used to make before i met her side by side.

Is it love ? Or Lust ? the heart seeks for an answer which the mind refuse to reply.

So when for the next time i see someone for whom those feelings appears, i don’t try, i leave it to the heart and the mind stops to play the game because if it’s “LOVE” the heart will call out by itself without the effort of the mind.


“When you see someone for the First time try to hold yourself and don’t say “HI”, Because the energy that is generated will make you alive, and as time passing the love or lust will be known by that time”

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi