To have a writer’s block is a gift..

… Because we need to take some time for oursleves.. without forcing ourselves to write just for the sake of writing… !

I choose not to force myself, when I don’t wanna write.. and the result is.. !

The inspiration to write comes from within..

#Don’t force yourself to write..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

My birth was planned in this century at this time, in this home, by The Almighty God – So is yours !

This was the time chosen for you, in the history of universe to be born.


I was just pondering on my thoughts, as someone before Steve Jobs also said – Connect the dots.

After all of the lives suffering, pain, isolation, rejection, destruction, happiness, joy, love, and understanding – Finally in the end, there is Death. Now when we have seen and believed that Death never leaves anyone, and it does not make any sense that we start hating death, even death works on the command of GOD. The angel of death never comes on his own wish, He obeys the command of GOD. Why are we afraid of death? How does it looks like? Did anyone saw death? Is death really scary and horrifying? Then how can we blame death without knowing about it’s actual state. 

I can die at this very moment, maybe before I finish this whole blog. Who knows what’s coming up next? But this does not mean I must wait for death to come and take me. What I can do is ask GOD to make it easy for me, and provide me comfort after I die.

GOD had already done with the creation and it’s ending. He knows all that happened and everything that is going to happen till everyone own there eternal place in hell or heaven after the day of Judgement. This is very simple – You get what you do. I REPEAT – You get what you do. If you kill someone there is a superior Judge of the Judges, who will judge us. It’s like we write our own book of life, the good – Spreading love, understanding, peace, knowledge, gratefulness , good deeds, praising GOD by seeing his creation, reflecting within ourselves and learning more of what GOD have sown into our nature. And then the bad one – lying, Injustice, corruption, hate, jealousy, envy, ignorance, ungratefulness, etc.  This is our own book, what we write we get after death. And then we blame and judge GOD for being unjust. Indeed we humans are ungrateful and unjust. GOD is the truth, all-forgiving, ever-living, infinity, our mind will get exhausted but the praise of GOD will never extinguish.

I could have been born in the era of prophet Adam the first man, I could have been that first man, I could have been his wife Hawwa (May Allah peace be upon them both), I could have been from the tribe of his son Kabil (The murderer), or from the tribe of prophet Adam’s son Habil (The righteous). or I could haven been born at the time of Prophet Noah, and accepted his message or I could have been in those losers who were caught into the world’s greatest flood and died.

I could have been the Pharaoh who killed million of people at his time, or I could have been in the group of people who believed in Prophet Moses. I could have been the mother of Prophet Moses who prayed for her son’s safety, or I could have been the sister of Moses who followed her brother secretly through the river bank who was kept in basket, and floated upon the water,  until he reached in the hand of Pharaoh’s wife, I could have been the Pharaoh’s wife who took responsibility of the upbringing of Prophet Moses. I could have been in the believing people at the time of Prophet Seth, or maybe who rejected his message. I could have been in the Magicians group who after seeing the sign giving to Moses, when his stick turned into a powerful snake and swallowed the magicians stick, believed in the Lord of Moses and Aaron (May Allah peace be upon them both), and prostrated. Or I could have been in the army of Pharaoh who was drown into the River Nile along with his army.

I could have been the disciple of Prophet Jesus, who believed in his message or in those who heard the message of truth and Rejected. I could have been at the time of Mother Mary, and saw with my own eyes when Jesus spoke from the cradle and said, Indeed I am sent from GOD, and I confirm the Torah, and God has given me wisdom. Peace on the day when I was born, when I will die, and when I will return again.

I could have been born in the time of the last and final Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and would have accompanied him in his mission, or I could have been the one who humiliated him (This is a blessing of Allah that he selected me to be born as a Muslim in a Muslim family, May Allah/GOD protect my whole generation till the day of Judgement from Disbelief and associating partners with GOD). Or I could have been the Jew Rabbi who looked at Prophet Muhammad and said, Indeed the promise of GOD is true, You are the one who is been praised in the Torah(Old Testament), and Injeel (Gospel), and we Jews recognize you as we recognize our own sons, and I bear witness there is no gods BUT Allah(The Only One GOD), and I bear witness YOU (Prophet Muhammad) is the messenger of Allah/God.

Or I could have been the disbeliever, who after listening to the message of Truth(The Noble Quran) turned away and disbelieved, and the curse of GOD took over me, Woe upon me for what I did when I was Alive – This would have been my calling from my grave (May Allah/GOD protect my whole generation till the day of Judgement from Disbelief and associating partners with GOD). I could have been the martyr who sacrificed himself for the sake of Allah, or I could have been in the group of disbeliever who fought against the messenger who bought the truth.

I could have been an animal, plant, tree, fruit, vegetable, bird, cloud, mountain, water, ocean, fish, mud, hair, nails, eyes, fingers, lungs, heart, brain, rain, etc

Or I could have been the Universe, Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, Planets, Blackhole, Atoms, time, etc

If ALLAH/GOD wanted he could have created me AT ANY TIME into any form, any shape, any size, any height, any weight, with or without physical disability.

Or ALLAH/GOD had wished he could have made me an orphan, lost, depressed, helpless,  and without any support, without family, without siblings, without a good ancestral linage, without good environment & surrounding, BUT he blessed me with this beautiful moment of time, with stronger and clear inner-voice, with the best parents, siblings, grandparents, education, religious knowledge, and courage where I am able to connect to the world, without Just one click.

By now you would have read this blog post, and I am still Alive or maybe the moment I click “PUBLISH” button, I may breathe my last breath. What I am trying to say in this whole post is “FIND YOUR PURPOSE – YOU WERE BORN IN THIS ERA, CENTURY, COUNTRY, CITY, HOME, FOR A REASON” – Your every single experience matter, all the suffering, pain, joy, happiness is there for a reason. 

I was born on 15 Oct 1998 at night, because that was the time GOD selected for me to come in this world, and serve my purpose. Though he created my Spirit/soul and everyone’s soul/spirit before the creation of Universe. But this point of time was selected for me, to come into this world and create a positive impact into the lives of people around me, and to make people aware & conscious about their purpose and what exactly are they pursuing in this Life. 

Before I end up – I would leave you with this thought.. Everything humans created was for a reason, It has a guideline on “How this thing/device” works. If the manual is not followed and the guidelines are ignored, you might end up destroying that thing/device. So, we are created for a purpose, a purpose bigger than ourselves, BUT are you following the guidelines? or merely following your materialistic desire?

Death is standing in-front of you, Are you prepared? Is your book good enough to be read by yourself on the Day of Judgement? Do you have peace in your life?.. 


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—— Abdul Gani Punjabi


This is a new day … I Choose to

It’s time to step out of our routine, and create our Day – And find satisfaction and meaning in what we do..

Be Grateful ♥

Believe in Quality instead of Quantity

Believe that I am the Only One ‘Abdul Gani Punjabi’ in this world with unique experiences, though many people may have similar name, but they do not posses my skills, talents, my spirit, my beliefs, my value, and mostly the connection i share with “One God = Allah”

Be willing to learn from failures, because the real meaning of failure is “SOMETHING YET TO BE LEARNED”.

Believe that I plays a very important role in framing the world’s History

Connect to my inner-self on deeper level

Understanding that all souls on this earth faces similar experiences, and to learn from them and never make ‘Age a barrier’

Listen my heart voice

Believe in my dreams, and to keep modifying the steps needed to reach my dreams.

Not force myself when I am not really interested

Learn what’s wrong and what’s right

Have a different experience than usual

Examine my fears and to overcome them through understanding and learning the root

Gain wisdom and understanding through learning The Noble Quran

He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.

Chapter 2 Verse 269

The Noble Quran

Work on my believe system, and to make it firm through love and understanding (LOVE)

Be understanding that I have choices, And I have the free-will to select the best for myself

He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth. Then turned He to the heaven, and fashioned it as seven heavens. And He is knower of all things.

Chapter 2 verse 29

The Noble Quran

Be Curious

Be Excited

Be Highly Motivated

Be willing to listening, and Connect on deeper level..

To never put a barrier/Limits on myself for anything BUT rather understand this take times and during that time we need to be consistent and have patience..

Believe in the Power of Now, and to acknowledge that my today’s acts define my future whereabouts..

Be more of who I AM, by Acknowledge Who I AM NOT..


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— Abdul Gani Punjabi

The Chosen One

What you choose was already chosen by the higher power for you…

Why is it so hard ? Why don’t we know our purpose ? Why don’t we have a guide ? Why do we Suffer ? Why do we Lose ? Why do we have to keep moving when the direction is unknown ? Why is it so ? Why aren’t we given a book from birth so that we may follow ? Why is it, that we have no idea where we have to go ? Why ?

The “WHY” is what keeps us moving. Human Being by nature, keep searching for answers and when he gets it, he is “Satisfied“. When he is satisfied, he stops looking for the answers.

Let me make it easy for you, What will you do “if” you had a book in your hand which state each and every steps you will take in life.

Will you dare to take it ? And FOLLOW it ? ”

We human being are always greedy and follow our own desire, whoever it may be, most of the time we are driven by our ego, convincing our-selves that we know more than anyone else.. We are “Know it all” people. But that “Know it all” is a state of mind where you think you have enough knowledge, but the bitter truth is we have nothing.

All over the world, the most frequently asked questions are :- Why is it so hard ? Why don’t we know our purpose ? Why don’t we have a guide ? Why do we Suffer ? Why do we Lose ? Why do we have to keep moving when the direction is unknown ? Why is it so ? Why aren’t we given a book from birth so that we may follow ? Why is it, that we have no idea where we have to go ? Why ?

We are people who choose short-cut instead of experiencing life, We want everything fast, without pain, without suffering, without taking any efforts.

We learn and grow, but we must understand that every single step is pre-determined. There is an infinite choice that has been existing from the time of the existence of universe. The choices are already known by the All-Knowing[GOD].

Let me give you an example :- I am writing this article. The time i am investing in typing this, i could have done the following things instead :-

1. Read a Novel.

2. Listen to Music.

3. Meet an Old friend.

4. Drink tea.

5. Visit a restaurant.

6. Go to the near-by park.

7. Initiate a conversation with a stranger.

8. Reading Someone else blog.

9. Preparing for my higher examination.

10. Board a Bus/Cab/train.

11. Ride a Bicycle.

12. Visit a Hospital.

13. Talk to someone and would be discussing about an adventurous trip.

I could be doing anything beside writing this article, but “I CHOOSE” to write, so that you may read and Understand.

Every single decision, situation, pain, happiness, sadness, love, hate, angry, anxiety etc everything is the result of what we had “CHOOSEN” in the past, and what we are “Choosing” Now.

So next time when you blame, God/ Higher- power/The source, for all the suffering and misery that you have in life. Remember it’s you who have did it all.

It’s a web, A web that you build, A web in which you dissolve thinking it’s the reality. You are lost in the web that you have created for yourself.

Get out of the web, the one who creates, he only can destroy. You are creating “Excuses, bad-habits, your thoughts, your feelings, your perception, your emotion, your situation, your suffering, your anxiety, hatred, pain, loneliness and especially the relationships.

When we get the meaning of things, we stop searching for it, I used to ask everyone i met, “What’s the meaning of life“. No one explained it, No one can, No one will .. Because this life is your’s, you are the ” Meaning”.

Stop complaining about your depression, anxiety, lack of self-stem, lack of confidence. And start talking about The beauty of Moments, the feeling of love, the smell you smell, the sensations you feel, the peace in your heart… That’s how we change…

I know it’s hard, but it’s worth living and defining it ourselves. The pain, the suffering, the lost path, the lost you, everything have a “MEANING”…

Just “Live” those moments and the meaning would come into existence and the purpose will be known through Inspiration…

The Voice that is deep-down, Is asking you to stop ! And look Around, There are thousands of things waiting for you, but you are busy in finding the meaning of life, and blaming yourself for not being able to achieve the illusion which the world had put around.

“Live it, the moment is your, It’s passes in vain or peace. Now it’s your turn to “Choose” , the vanity of life or the peace that surrounds..”

——- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Give it a GO !

Give it a GO ! A GO …

When you have something in mind that does not let you sleep, just give it a GO.

What does it mean ?

It means to pursue that inner- voice and take action without judgements or fear.

We fear almost everything. But my Question is, what is fear ? Where did it came from ? Why is it – some are afraid of dogs, while some play with dogs. Some scream while seeing a cockroach, while the other lift the cockroach and throw it of ?

Fear passes from one person to another like a VIRUS. Just imagine, you know how to swim and your friend does not, he see you swimming and jump in the pool thinking he can also swim. Same goes for fear, when we see someone fearing something, we start fearing that thing, even when we have the ability to cope up with it.

This is very easy to understand, next time when you fear something, ask yourself, IS THIS FEAR MINE ??

And most of the time you will be shocked to see that, 99 % fears are not yours, they came from Vicarious(Observation) learning.

If you have an urge to do something, Get up and do it, People will always speak behind your back when you do something, and they will also say when you don’t do anything.

So why not let’s just do it. If you like someone tell them, if you want a job – Go and search.

Right now while writing this article i have nothing in mind but just One thing “Give it a GO – Consistency” and believe me automatically your hand will start to type and will come up with new thoughts and ideas you yourself never imagined.

Next time you have fear of anything “Feel it deeply, Accept it, feel the sensations in your body until it shakes and shiver, and then you will notice you have conquer your fear”. You have that courage to get-up, but you are too lazy to even feel your fear.

Try new things, Do the uncomfortable, Growth is never found in the comfort zone !

Don’t find that “KICK” which will give you a Start, Just start and you will find the right “KICK“..

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi