Step that changed Azhar’s Life πŸ‘£

“Some stories seems like a dream, but then it starts to scatter, when greed comes into play”.

To be Continued….

Money-Money-Money .. That’s what i needed. That fool ! Old man thought i was in love with his daughter ? haha.. From the first day i met her i had only one thing in my mind “A Golden opportunity, A walking credit card“. I did my best to seduce her and succeeded, And she thought i was in love with her ? MY FOOT. Aah !! at last i am free now, within two days i will be travelling to Singapore and will enjoy my life according to my dreams.

“Hello, Express travel.. ? Book my ticket for Singapore, along with the best hotel, for two days later.” … “Ok Sir” – The recipient replied.

As soon as he reached home, at night he packed his bags and without informing his parents left to stay in a 5 star hotel. And before Leaving he left a letter in which he wrote

“From today I am going to live my life by my rules, money is what we did not had since the beginning, and today i won the biggest lottery of my life i will spend every single penny in enjoyment. And i don’t care about my college, we go to college so that we can study and get rich, and today i have billions. So i don’t care about college anymore. And if she came searching for me tell her that, there are more beautiful and prettier girl than you. Why should our son marry you?.. When she will listen to this, she will cry for a while and will return back to her father.”

“Room no : 708 Sir, the best room in our hotel, with a balcony which gives the whole view of the city. It’s on the 29 floor” – the receptionist said.

“Yes, Go ahead. Give me the keys”

“Here” ~ She said, with a big smile on her face.

Huh.. For the first time in life, this soft bed, the pillow, the blanket, the air-conditioner, the tiles, the decoration, and the biggest bathroom i have ever seen. And the balcony “Woohoo” .. Fresh Air . This is Amazing. He was so tired that he slept on the swing in the balcony”.

“Teerrrrrrrrrrrrrr ” – The Alarm rang, This phone is too old, Today in the afternoon i will purchase the Latest mobile phone and best suits to wear.

(It was early in the morning)

“Ting tong” – Who is it? his mother asked.

“I am from express travel, and i am here to deliver you the ticket for Singapore “.

Singapore “??.. we did not booked any ticket.

(His mother did not saw the letter, she just woke-up and directly went to answer the door)

“Madam, the address given says, i am at the right place, wait i will call the one who booked the ticket”

“Hello Sir, i am calling from express travel and i am standing infront of the address given, but this lady says, they did not book any tickets”.

Aaaaaah .. You fool, why did you went there? couldn’t you give a call before coming. Now hand over that ticket to her and leave without saying a word.”

Wait did you said anything, where is that ticket for ?”

“Yes Sir, it’s for Singapore” ~ i said her.

You idiot.. Leave that place and go”…

That fool ruined my day, by night i have to go home and take my tickets, or else i will miss my flight.

In evening, he called-up his college friend and went for shopping, purchased all high branded perfumes, watches, shoes, and mobile phone. They had dinner at the hotel and walked into the bar, for refreshment.

It was already 11, and his friend said “So, ready to go huh, what about the tickets?”.. “The ticket, thank you for reminding me, it’s at home. I need to go now and take it”.

“But you are Drunk, how will you manage yourself back to home? You never drank before in life, it’s your first time “.

“Don’t worry, i will handle it”…

He left the bar, headed towards his home..

He rang the bell and as soon as the door opened, he went in and shouted “Where is my ticket, where is it?”. It was his mother standing infront of him, Telling him to stop yelling. But he continued, She slapped him hard on his face and said “You Drank? Why? Why are you doing all this ? You never behaved like this before. He ignored her, and said her to keep quiet and hand him the tickets.

When she resisted, he took the flower vase
which was next to him and hit her on her head. After hearing all this noise, his father came running, and saw a pool of blood around his wife.

“What are you looking at ? Call the Ambulance..”

Mom, wake-up Mom” ~ He cried and rushed toward the telephone and called the Ambulance. Within few minutes the ambulance arrived, and they took her to the hospital. He was still “High“. But he controlled himself and went along with his father.

As soon as they reached hospital, They rushed her to the Operation room. The red light zone, Emergency room.

“Doctor is my wife OK?” , “Doctor is my mother OK?”..

(A Moment of silence)

We are sorry to say, “We couldn’t save her“.

Hearing to this, his father got heart attack and was immediately admitted in the ICU. When after few hours, he got conscious, he found his son sitting next to him. He said “from your childhood till this day we gave you everything you asked for, the best clothes, the best college, the best of everything and this is what you did to us ? Why ? “..

Dad, i had a dream that we three of us, would live a luxurious life, in Singapore. That was the reason i bought ticket for Singapore. And was going to visit there, we would have settled together, and would have shifted there

(Slap – Slap)

You think breaking trust of someone, stealing there money will make you successful or happy, Never “.

That was his father’s last word. In One day he lost the most important person of his life. He cried tears of blood.. “What have i done” ~ he screamed, looking at the dead body of his parents.

As this news spread out in the newspaper, internet, Television, radio that “Son killed his mother, for not giving him his ticket “. He got arrested for the crime, and was ordered to be “Hanged“.

When her father saw this news, he ran to his daughter’s room and knocked, but she did not answered. He kept knocking, but no answer. He broke open the door and found her lying on her bed with blood around her. There was a letter next to her which read

“………… ….. And if she came searching for me tell her that, there are more beautiful and prettier girl than you. Why should our son marry you?.. When she will listen to this, she will cry for a while and will return back to her father.”

After reading this letter, tears gushed from his eyes, he was helpless, standing there looking at his only daughter’s body lying in blood. He called the ambulance, but it was too late . She committed Suicide.

There he sat crying, “One small mistake of mine, took life of three, I wished i had never done property on his name

The Worst mistake of My life…

Tears gushed out from Azhar’s eyes as he read the last page of the book. “The Worst mistake of my life” ~ what an amazing story, the author had such a great imagination, twists, deep details and a great lesson.

Azhar took that documents that David gave him, the book was along with the documents, he read it, and locked it in the cupboard. He went to his parents and confessed his love for Saira. The best part was his parents always said “If you love someone, feel free to tell us, don’t ever hesitate“. And after hearing to Azhar’s story they reacted calmly and supported him.

They said as soon as you finish with your M.B.B.S we will prepare for your marriage. Azhar informed this to Saira and her father. They were happy too.

In the final year, they spent more time together, learned together, visited different places, and scored the highest grades in the final year.

Finally it was time to get married, A Ferrari stood outside David’s home, but this time it was Azhar who came out of it, confidently he shook hand with david. They had some personal conversation, and then Azhar took out that bag of document that David gave two years ago. And handed him saying “This belongs to you, Not me“, while hearing this ~ David smiled.

Saira was right, you are loyal,trustworthy and hardworking. I am proud to have a Son-in-law like you – Azhar. Saira was looking at Azhar, hiding behind the curtain, her eyes sparkling like a diamond in the sky.

Epilogue :- Azhar and Saira got happily married and was blessed with twins after two years of their marriage. David got children’s to play with, as he was waiting for his grandchildren. Azhar convinced his parents to leave their jobs, as he was earning more than he ever imagined. David and Azhar’s parents usually have dinner party at Azhar’s banglow. Saira joined a hospital, and worked for the welfare of the society. Azhar sat next to Saira, listing out his memories. Saira looked at Azhar and kissed him before he completed his list of memories.


“Every Single story is unique, Right now ~ you are making your life’s story”


—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Azhar and Saira (Part 1)

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