Tick Tick Tick Tick…..

That’s how the clock sounds, It being a long time since we have listened to this voice. We are so busy with our so called work that even when we are free we waste our time browsing videos on YouTube, Scrolling through Facebook pages, Twitter tweets etc. And at the end we have no time ~ Because we are busy.

Let me remind you of those days when we hardly knew what is a mobile Phone. Those were the days we actually lived, getting up early was a very difficult task, but when mummy is there why to fear? Our day began with seeing the face of our mom/dad. And then the voice “Wake up ~ Get out of the bathroom, And come fast for breakfast” everyone had heard those lines 😅.

Those days, when we had breakfast together, sitting next to each other, not passing the water class that’s how we irritated each other, and the shouting in the house, that fighting that goes between two brother, and gossiping that moves from the neighbours to my mother. Those gathering where we had a chance to play a prank with another, those fightings for the remote to watch our cartoons instead of the serials of mothers.

Those days, when we used to stand in groups below the house of a friend and shout his name together. Those fights over a little matter that really never bothered, mood-off for a day and back again in the group of brothers. Those late-night meetings which really never had an agenda, but whatsoever. Sitting on their bikes and listening to the shouts of owners.

“Not out” ~ everyone remembers that, It was “OUT” but for us it was “NOT”, that’s how we fought for one more ball and than another.

That unity we showed when one of us got hit by another. We were ready to take their life, for hitting our brother from another mother.

Yes, This “Tick Tick” reminds me of all the fun we had, but today those days have vanished.

Now, As soon as our eyes open we look into the cell phone for the messages we have received, and the likes and comment we got. That’s how our days start now. No more breakfast together, no more “Fun” fights between brother and sister, no more friends to stand together, no more time to spend together.

Because we are the modern generation, that love iPhone more than our lungs and liver, spending time liking, commenting, sharing, watching, playing, online shopping, and doing everything but no more real feelings for each other.

“I wish the time we have now we can spend it together, or else the upcoming generation will be so busy with their mobile phones that for them even their parents won’t matter”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi