My Mom always says “Dear always remember whatever happens, Always stay true to yourself”. And my reply would be “OK mom“.. To be honest i never listened to that words of wisdom, i heard it but never listened to it. Why was it so important to stay true to oneself ?.. I used to think a lot about it. And what does it means to stay true to ourself ?

As years passed by, and God gave me a chance to explore life, visting different places, meeting different people, different culture, different societies, and different mindsets. I came to understand that wherever we go we pick some of the habits of others. And unconsciously starts practicing it. Due to which our life changes either positively or negatively. But the main issue arises when we try to compare ourselves with others. Now don’t say me that “I never compared myself with anyone“, everyone did it somewhere in life.

We see people getting successful, earning more, getting placed in a good companies, promotion upon promotions, yearly abroad trips etc. But what we don’t realise is, this people are true to themselves. They had learned many lessons, faced many failures and came to realise that “Until we don’t speak the truth to ourselves we won’t be able to move an inch”. Nowadays, to please others we say “Yes” instead of a “Big No”, and regret it later. While for successful people they say “No” when they really are not interested.

And if you are one who usually use to compare yourself with others, than i have an advice for you, Instead of looking at their achievements, look at how much time they spend on things what they really want in life. They are the people who are ready to sacrifice their sleep, their comfort, and take risk to move forward.

If you really want to compare yourself, than open your mobile gallery and look at your pictures 2 years ago, or 1 year ago. And be grateful for each and every changes that occured in your life since then, that’s how we should compare ourselves.

And as for habits that we get from others, once we became aware of our habits we can replace them with healthy one, What we need is “IMAGINATION“.

By staying true to yourself, believe me you can move mountains, i have met people who still says “We regretted taking this or that as a career path and now nothing can be undone, i wished i had that power to convince my parents, so today i would be sitting in my dream house”. The best thing now you can do is, tell yourself that “Yes, i did not had that courage to speak up, and i accept that and surrender to it. And now i am ready to get into things i love doing and will follow my dreams.

By staying true to oneself we mean to say, we will do things which we love to do, we will say Yes only when we are interested, we will stop listening to other people’s unwanted suggestion and advices, and if we did something wrong to someone we will immediately seek for forgiveness.

And the most important thing, we will stop lying to ourself, because lying is a web ~ once we enter into it there is no exit, And at last truth sets us free.

So from today itself, start talking to yourself with truth, start asking for forgiveness for all those lies you said, even if that was a slightest lie. And slowly you will notice “How much drama, tension, stress you cut off from your life. And how easily you find peace in your heart and mind”..

Be true to yourself, Always keep a check on – feelings, emotions, thoughts, And specially the people you are surrounded by and how they make you feel.

Your Soul seeks the Truth, And it’s the greed that makes you lie”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi