Inferiority Mindset

This is my personal experience..!

If it was about me, then yes – I felt inferior most of the time.. Felt like I was nothing, I had nothing of myself..! I suffered with my choices, likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, lifestyle, beliefs, behaviour, mood swings…! I suffered because I always considered myself inferior to other..!

But when I heard my inner voice.. That’s when I realize..! There is something within me.. ! Something that creates a spark, and makes me happy…!

The moment I conquered the Inferiority mindset.. Things started to change.. grow.. and proposer ❤

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

6 thoughts on “Inferiority Mindset

  1. I have those moments too…where you feel so small and so insignificant that doing anything seems like a waste of time. But I guess we have to fight those thoughts and do what that small voice in the back of our head is saying… live

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