My Wedding Night

(InshaAllah – If God Wills)

She is lying on the bed, and the lights are off.. The environment is peaceful and calm.. There is this intense joy within me, a satisfaction and peace.. As she is lying down.. I went to the washroom and took ablution, then took my prayer mat – and started praying 2 rakat with the intention of Salatul Shukrana – Prayer for Gratitude.. In that prayer when I went into the sujood, I made the following dua..

Ya Allah, Ye din ek naee zindagi shuru kar raha hun, kisi ke sath jisse mai janta bhi nahi tha..
(Oh Lord, Today I am starting a new life with someone, whom I didn’t even knew)

Ya Allah, Hamari is jodi ko behtareen banaye..
(Oh Lord, Make our pair, the best pairing)

Ya Allah Hamare darmiyan, beinteha Muhabbat, samajdari, aata farmaiye..
(Oh Lord, Grant between us infinite Pure love, understanding)

Ya Allah, Hame sehat, tandurusti, hiqmat, izzat, aur halal rizq aata farmaiye
(Oh Lord, Grant us health, strength, wisdom, respect, and lawful provison)

Ya Allah, Hamme shaitan mardood ke fitne se, was wase se puri puri hifazat farmaiya, hamari qayamat tak ke aane wali nasloon ki

(Oh Lord, Protect our entire generation from the evil, whisper, and ill of shaitan – The outcast)

Ya Allah, Insan aur jinnat ke shar (Bad) se hamari puri puri nasloon ki hifazat farmana..
(Oh Lord, Protect our entire generation till the day of judgement, from the evil whisper of human and the Jinn)

Ya Allah, Mai pana chahta hun aapki hamari qayamat tak ke aane wali nasloon ki – shirk, bina haq qatal-e-aam, zina, chori, jhoote wadeein, jhoote commitment, hasad, bugaz, keena, bad khayali, bad aaklaqi se,
(Oh Lord, I ask you for Protection of our entire generation till the day of judgement, from Associating any other gods with you, from unrightful murder, stealing, false promises, false commitments, jealously, hatred, ill assumptions, ill character)

Ya Allah, Hamari puri nasloon ki hifazat farma, Hasid ke hasad se, jadoo karne waloon se, shar(bad) failane waloon se,
(Oh Lord, I ask you for Protection of our entire generation till the day of judgement, from the jealously of the jealous man, and the socrecy of the magician, and the people who spread evil)

Ya Allah, hamare darmiyaan izzat aata farmaiye, rehmat ke faisle kar..
(Oh Lord, Grant between us respect, and bless us in this relationship)

Ya Allah hamara ye joda Jannatul firdos mai bhi qaiyam rakh, aur hame dhuniya mai bhi ek dusre ka sahara bana..
(Oh Lord, Grant us this partnership in the highest heaven also, and make us each other’s support in this world)

Ya Allah, Naik aulad aata farma, aur hame unki sahi tareeke se parvarish karne ki taufeek ata farma.
(Oh Lord, Grant us pious kids, and prepare us to nurture them in the right way)

Ya Allah, hamme Ilm, hiqmat, aur aapka khas noor ata farmaiye.. Aur Ya Allah, Jab kabhi koi galat fehmi ho, aur ladaee hojaye to sabra aur samajdari ke sath oose suljhane mai madad farmaiye..
(Oh Lord, Grant us – Knowledge, wisdom, and your special light.. Oh Lord, If any misunderstanding arises, or conflict – So help us out to solve it with patience and understandings)

Ya Allah, Hamari is shadi mai aapki Raza mandi aata farmaiye, aur hame eek dusre ke sath husne sulook karne wala banaiye…
(Oh Lord, In this marriage, pleased be with us and bless us, and make us the best in character to each other)

Aur Ya Allah, hamare khandanoon mai muhabbat, aur milap aata farmaiye..
(Oh Lord, Grant pure love between our families, and feeling of togetherness)

Hamari jhode ko dhuniya mai, aur aakhirat mai bhi qayam rakhiye..
(And keep our bond together in this world, as well as in the hereafter)

And then I raised from the sujood, and ended my prayer.. It was a beautiful feeling to do something like this consoiusly when starting your life with the person who is going to live together till death apart us…!

Few things are to be done, intentionally, with pure heart – that will be the best fundamental of relationship according to me!

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

(Picture credits: Jason Vinson) (

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