Girl you treat me like a toy, plays it when you are annoyed..

Being nice is what I did, and you threw me like a used piece…

When you are stuck and high, you come to me for releasing your stress of life..

When you get the answers, you block me from all the sites..

What’s wrong with me I ask myself every night, Is it my kindness or niceness that keeps me connected to your life..?

But now I choose to end this, because you have someone Anyways and Always for Life..

What’s the use of space, when you are not occupying it healthy, with caring, love and support of life..

Then why should I hook up myself, imagining you in my life..

I have being observing from quite a while, when you need me – I became the NICE guy, helping you out with life.. But when I want to communicate, I am blocked by your side..

If you think that’s fun, then Yes.. I decide to give you space, which will now – never fill up my part in your life..

Because I understood, when you have someone – New and special by your side, you forget the old, who stood by your side..

So now I am free from that unhealthy attachment I had once with you, because for a while I felt respected, and valued..

Maybe those were my needs at that time, but now I have different needs to fulfil, which is out of your imagination, and the best thing is – You don’t exist anymore in my heart or Mind..!

So this time, I am the one to decide, no grudges, no pain, no suffering, no friendship – Because I am no more that toy which speaks when you want, and isolate when you block..!

I have some thoughts in my life – Letting go is the best part of life..!

— Abdul Gani Punjabi