Ways to motivate yourself…

1) Alone – Distraction is one of the way which lead us away from ourselves, so being alone for a short period of time helps us to get connected to our thoughts, emotions, and inner-voice. At first it might haunt you, but once you get comfortable being alone, then their is no better gift than being alone.

2) Nature – The freshness of the fields, the sunrise, and the pleasant sunset. Every single breathe we inhale remind us that we are alive, so focus on what we have and be motivated by how you can use what you have.

3) Connecting – The best form of love is in connecting with others willingly by pure heart. It can be human, or animals. It teaches us language is not a barrier. We connect deeply with those who understand us. So find like-minded people.

4) Writing – The best form of expression for creative mind when depressed is writing, when the mind is free to express – the stress gets released and new thoughts starts to takes place which results in new perspective and higher energy level.

5) Exercise – Moments – In human body depression is caused by lack of moments, when you know you can do better than your previous self, you start to stretch your current limitation and learn to take a step ahead.
Physical as well as mental exercise will set your mind free for new positive thoughts, and it will help in boosting your confidence.

6) Uplifting music – Our brain works in patterns, and this patterns are feeded into our mind subconscious. Music helps us to connect with our subconscious, and once we become aware of our pattern/habits we can consciously create new pattern.

7) Travelling – Adventure boost creativity, and boost our mind with positive thoughts. A simple walk in an open ground, or walk near a sea shore helps in clearing our negative thoughts. And a trek to an unknown place will make us realize that we are free, and independent. And it’s a blessing to give some time for ourselves.

8) Reading – Novel, Stories, Articles that are deep, and provide us with a new perspective is worth reading, than spending time on social media – scrolling aimlessly.

9) Past achievements – In constant persuasion of our dreams, we often forget our past achievements which acts as a fuel to our dreams. So sit somewhere and write down all your small-small achievements, and see yourself feeling fulfilled from within.

10) Change your friend circle – A negative mind breads negativity, and a single drop of poison can kill all the fishes in the pond. So surround yourself with people who understand you, support you, motivates you, and are willing to look the best in you. It might take sometime to find this kind of people but they are surely around you, so have patience and be the best, and the best will enter into your life..


#Pic credit: Google

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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