Hawaee (Winds)

In hawaoon mai ek aawaz hai tumhari..

(In this blowing winds, one of them is your voice)

Har pal chu jati hai mere dil ko..

(Every time it touches my heart)

Aas pass rahti hai hamesha mere, aakhir kyu itna kareeb aana chahti hai is tufan se..

(You always stays nearby to me, atlast tell me – Why do you wanna come soo close to this storm)

Tujhe chuna chahta hun magar, chu nahi sakta..

(I wanna touch you but, I cannot touch you)

Kuch cheezon ko mehsoos karlena hi kafi hota hai..

(For few things ‘to feel’ it – is enough)

#Her Whispers 

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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