Waiting at the door they announced, it time for a journey where no-one else surround.

The voice was beautiful that’s what i know, the moments of my life passing by as if i was watching a movie in a theatre all alone.

The next moment was my eyes hard to open and i was no more in my body to move. There – i saw my body lying, that was the first time i saw everyone crying.

Why is it we have to leave this world.. I asked the one who hold my Soul. Answer me the question and i will let you go,”What will you do if i allow you to return on the place where you own”.. I was speechless, as i had no answer to follow, i looked down and said, “Just a chance with my family, to love them, hug them and kiss them till my heart find comfort within it’s own”

Is that all what you want ? When i let you go ? What about the wealth you own, and the cars in which you roam, what about those whom you have hurt and never apologised, thinking you are going to meet them someday, and the day you don’t even know.

What about the remembrance, of the CREATOR, who gave you ever single thing which you could have never achieved alone, do you think you are self-sufficient ? or were you surrounded by your Ego.

Your whole life you asked for me, to over-take you, and now when i am here you are making an excuse, you wanna go back to the world that you used to curse because of the suffering, that you created on your own.

The Curses are over, and the pain and suffering vanished, the peace is found All-over.. But tell me “O Dear Soul“.. Why are you afraid to accept me, and run away from me, when you know i put end on all of the suffering ?

That’s the question i still ponder upon, it was a breeze that followed, and my eyes were open, and the cries vanished, and i sat there Thinking, “Should i tell them to come in, or live my life as i said i wished i would have lived, if i was alive“…

The more you remember death, the more you became grounded, because you know, nothing, last for-ever, and it’s better to remember the CREATOR to find peace in the Soul. The moments we have – NoW, don’t take it for granted, because someone else is buried deep inside and wishing for the life that you own.

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi