Olivia’s Call

(Tring Tring) ….. (Tring Tring) …..

“True love exists, but sometimes it needs patience and care, and if doubt enters into life than it’s better to ask, and not bury it inside”.

To be Continued……

[The number you are trying to call is busy]..

Olivia kept calling, but there was no reply. In vain she returned to Xon and said, “She is Busy”.

“As i said” – Xon replied.

That day they had no more conversation, at night Olivia kept thinking about her mother. She still remember when she was 5, Grace left her in an orphanage. And it was Xon who bought her home.

“Why ?” , “Why did she did that?” – Olivia kept asking herself.

The next day when Xon dropped her off to college, After spending an hour in college, she left and went to the telephone directory control room located in Munich city. But from there she could not get any information.

At night Olivia asked,”Dad, when was the last time you met her?“.

“13 years ago”.

Olivia did not asked any other questions, next day she planned to call “Luke”, her brother.

“Maybe luke could help me” – she said to herself.

(Tring… Tring)….


“Luke, it’s me Olivia, How are you and Sophia?”

“We are doing well”

“Luke…. (Clearing her voice) … Where is Mom ?”

“Olivia, Are you OK ?, You never asked that before ”

“I found the photo album yesterday, And it was there i knew about her”.

“Better ask “JIM“, he knows her well”

“Ok, Thank you… BYE”

Why dont anyone talk about mom ? was she so bad and irresponsible ?.

That evening she couldn’t hold her self and went to Munich, and waited for 15 minutes outside the shop. Jim saw her, and called her in, But she refused.

“What are you doing her, Olivia ? You should be in college at this time”.

“Jim, I have few questions, and i need those answer”

“Ok, let’s go and sit there”.

( ” Augustiner klosterwirt restaurant ” )

“Yes, what’s your question about ? ”

“About Grace, My Mom”

(Jim was shocked when he heard that)

“Does your father know you are here”

“He went on business deal today so i made it here, or else i wouldn’t be here”

“Ok….. I See “.

Xon was 12 years old when his parents got divorced, His father was an Alcoholic and his mother used to work in houses to earn daily bread, His mother did her best to educate him, and that’s how we met in School.

Everyday there would be fight in his house, and sometimes his father may end up beating him and his mother severely. Once he was drunk, and came home at night 2:30 am. When Xon opened the door, his father started abusing him, when his mother came to defend him. He slapped her, and hit her with the bottle he was holding in his hand. His mother became unconscious, and Xon ran to his neighbours for help. They took her to the hospital, while his father did not bothered to look at his wife.

Xon got depressed after that incident, his mother asked for a divorce, and his father refused. But after a month he agreed, and demanded for a sum of 10,000. Usually the women ask for it, but here, his father was asking for money. Somehow she paid him as she had no other option. And they came here to Munich. His mother got a serving job, in a hotel. Xon accompanied her and within few days after coming here, Xon got an offer to work in the shop he owns today. He was hard-Working, punctual, and energetic. As time went by, he recovered from his depression, and earned better than before. That’s how he bought this shop. When he was 20 years old, his mother passed away. Due to which he was disturbed, and spent sleepless nights.

One day when we visited “Rathaus – Glockenspiel“, he wished for “The love of his life“. That day he met Grace. In the evening, when we went to “Frauenplatz“, she was sitting there surrounded by children. When she was done, your father introduced himself. And we three went for a Coffee. And one day Xon came to me and said, “Jim, I am planning to get Married“. I was happy for him. And arranged everything for their marriage. I was there with him, in most of his life.

“Where is Dad’s Father , Did he came to see his wife for the last time ? ” – Olivia asked.

“He disappeared, No-one knows where he went”

What about Mom ?” – Olivia continued asking.

After they got married, everything was going well, and then germany faced a financial crises. The income reduced, Grace worked even more harder to earn for you, And Xon became stressed up by not earning as much as Grace. And he started Drinking, Smoking, and gambling. Instead of spending it on his children, he spent in on gambling. There came a time, when he had nothing to give, and he was beaten to death by the mobs. And i still remember, you were five years old. When she left you to the orphanage, because she did everything for your survival but couldn’t make it. She demanded for divorce, but Xon refused. After staying apart for 1 years, Xon realised he was wrong, and seek her to get back in his life. You were still in the orphanage, it was me who used to visit you daily, while your father was busy in the bar- Drinking. He did not kept his word, they lived together for a month. But was not happy, and decided to separate. They are not divorced, but they don’t stay together.

Grace was an orphan. She too lived a difficult life. Her parents died in the firing that took place in the city, but she survived. She was sent to the orphanage, she was courageous, smart and hard-Working.Seeing her hard-work, the owner of the orphanage sent her to law college, where she scored the best grade And was known for her trustworthiness.

That day when the bell ran at ” Rathaus – Glockenspiel” she prayed for “Oh God, I ask you to bless me with children’s who would be the coolness to my eyes“. She said this to me, when she left you to the orphanage. She cried, For the first time i saw her, she was broken into pieces, But she stood alone. She kept sending money in the orphanage, so that you may not suffer. She was a great women.

(Olivia started crying)

“Where is she now?”

When Xon got conscious, it was too late. She left the city till that time. It took three years for Xon to recover from his habits, and then he went to the orphanage and bought you home. After that he never drank, nor he smoked, He miss her everyday, but is afraid to reach her, Some mistake in our life is hard to forget. And the guilt kills us every day. He is dying every single day, he miss her, and always pray for her safety.

Olivia never thought this could be the story behind the separation, she always saw her father as the most caring and hardworking person. But the past had so many secrets and pain.

She understood, it was not her father’s fault nor her mother. They both came from different families with different experiences. Her father never knew, how to be a good husband because his father’s father was an Alcoholic and did not gave him any good teaching. While Grace lived in an orphanage, she knew how it feels to be left alone, so she was aware of the pain. And did her best to serve her children.

(Tring….. Tring….)

Hello, Who is this ? You called me in the morning ?” – A beautiful voice appeared from behind the telephone.

(Olivia started to sob)

M…… MOM ” – She gathered courage to speak that word. It was the first time she said that word.

“Olivia, Is that You?” – There was an excitement in the voice.

“Yes MOM” – She replied.

They had conversation over telephone and planned to meet, they met at “Cafe Rischart “…

A women aged nearly fourty- Nine appeared, with a smile and excitement on her face. It was just a glance, and Olivia ran and hugged her. The void in her heart was filled. She felt like, She was covered in love, there was only peace, all the pain and suffering vanished.

It was the first time they met each other. They shared their sufferings, their pain.

It was 11:30am when their conversation got over.

“Mom, let’s go to “Rathaus – Glockenspiel” and make a wish” – Olivia said

“30 minutes to 12” ~ Grace replied.

“Yes, it’s nearby”

“I know”

It was “5 minutes to 12″, Olivia standing next to her mother.

Closing her eyes, Grace said,”God, You are Amazing, Right here i stood and asked you for children who would be coolness to my eyes, and today you gave me Olivia” ~ Tears of joys flowing from her eyes.

Olivia looked at her mother’s face, and could not move her eyes. Grace was Glowing with a white light.

As the bell rang, There was a “Whisper” in the crowd.

Grace, I love you, hope you are safe and will forgive me“. As he opened his eyes, there stood a women looking for someone, and that’s how their eyes met, this time it was in tears, and the time seemed to freeze.

“Grace” (He could not stop himself and fell down on his knees)

“Grace, please forgive me, I love you and will never let you go again, I will never ever hurt you”

Olivia had a dream in which she saw “A man sitting on his knees, and asking for forgiveness for his deeds”

And now this was going in reality, there Xon sat on his knees asking for forgiveness. Olivia stepped back and cleared the path between them.

Grace was speechless. But couldn’t hold herself. Her wish was fulfilled, and now it was Xon wish to come true. There she stood looking straight into his eyes, and that itself said,”The love between us is forever, and not for a day, though we have suffered, we will keep on going.

It was the longest hug of their hug, it ended after 5 minutes.

If you hurt her again Xon, i am going to kill you, believe me” ~ It was Jim, standing behind Xon.

Olivia stood next to Jim, looking over her parents smiling.

Epilogue :- Though there are suffering and pain in life, we should never give up hope. Everyone have different stories, and childhood development plays a very important role in life. The way we act,do things, reacts, has a great impact on our children life. They do what they learn from Us.

Xon and Grace met after a long time, and were happy together. Olivia got married two years later, and her children said,”She is the best mom ever”. Luke and his wife (Sophia) visited, Xon and Grace once in every two months. Joseph resigned and moved with his parents, and started working in the company nearby…

“There are no ordinary stories, Every stories have a lesson to give and learn, Love is pure so keep it flowing “

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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