Love ~ I love you

Life is a wonderful journey that gave me “YOU”, I still remember how we started the journey and how i met you, the Smile on your face was true ~ Can i be with you.

The walk we have for a mile i guess, it seems to me the shortest walk in my whole life i ever have. The journey of miles turned into seconds. That’s how time runs when we are together.

Watching on your face the smile you have, I wish this journey extends till the West.

The birds that flew above us also knew that we are made for each other and that is true.

Yes ~ the love is true, walking next to you gave me a sensation that i never knew. The Moment you hold my hand feels like i have won the most hardest battle in my life, I won you.

The walk we have, the talks we have, Walking next to each other together is what we promised to keep till the end.

The road which was narrow before, when you joined me in, the road got broader than ever before. There is a power in the love we do, the hugs we have at the middle of the road.

The road is our life that we are experiencing through … And today that road does not seems empty Because You are with me, and I with you ❤.

I remember a time when i felt i would be alone in this journey, but than i “Thought” why do i always think the thoughts of being alone ? Why not change the pattern and imagine the best journey i can ever have.

Yes ~ that’s when i met you, A girl full of hope, dreams, Faith, believe, patience and love. That’s where it all started..

Love ~ I love you

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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