Give up ~ They said

Doing what they wanted to do, they did everything to disturb him out. He sat there watching their actions, and even sometimes tried to stop them, But for them fun was more important, and disturbing a soul was the mission they decide.

Till today he thought the problem was with him, then suddenly one day he realized ~ he was not crazy at all but the people who resided beside.

Sometimes he think it’s better to quit and go to a place where he can find like-minded people. But then something stops him, “Do you really wanna grow and learn in life? then stay with people who are opposite to your mind”. But why did he thought this way. Because he knew very soon things were going to end and he would learn a lesson that will change his life.

Nowadays, people are so self-obsessed, that what they see is only their ownselves. They don’t care about the people who is sitting on the next side. Seems like their parents did not work well on them as a guide ~ or else their parents did the best for their children’s, but the children’s screwed-up themselves in life. They have numbed their feelings for other’s and always try to hurt the one who keeps quite.

But it does not mean you give up, because you have your character that will attract people of same kind, the people who really understand you will appear soon and you will keep watching their faces ~ thinking though life was difficult but always the one with a pure soul wins the heart of those who lost the guidance in their life.

Sometime we need to stand up for ourselves and try to fight ~ Or else it’s better to keep our peace of mind and let the people do whatever evil they plot and play in their mind.

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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