The Unexpected.

Will he ever message me? what would be the conservation we will have? – She kept thinking.

That was the last time she saw him.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened…

To be Continued…

As soon as he landed from the plane, he searched for wifi network and sent a message to her id, “Reached safely, How are you?”. he was excited for the reply.

As days passed, there were no reply from her. One day, he was recalling his memories and suddenly took his phone and messaged her “I love you, I miss you – Zaid”. Though his message was to her, he did this continuously for few days. And then One day when he open his phone to message her, a messaged appeared.

************ BLOCKED ******************

That was a shock to him, Now he had no ways to contact her. For other few weeks he kept checking, whether she unblocked or not. But the time was not in his favour. He felt shame and guilt for what he did, and after that whenever he visited his home, he never raised his eyes towards her house.

Years passed, Almost 5 years – His life changed, He faced many ups and down. And became the best verison of himself. He went abroad for studies but every single day he missed her.

“Hello – how much did you scored in the test?”

Excuse me? who is this? – He replied.

“I apologise, My friend was playing a prank”

A Prank?

“and coincidentally he have the same cell no. as yours but he forgot to save the number with the country code and mistakenly the message reached you”.

That’s ok 😊 . Have a Nice day.

“You too πŸ˜‡”.

By the way where are you from ?

“I am an indian residing in Australia”.

Good Luck 😊

“What about you, What’s your name?”

He said his name.

“Ohh – I know someone with the same name”.


“Yeah, have you been to that place?”.

Yeah ~ actually i visit there in my vacations, At that place, my grandparents lives there.

“So – It’s you right?”

yeah – It’s me .. Nice to see you

“Nice to see you too”.

Take care – Have a Nice day.

“You too take care πŸ˜‡”

See you soon.


Seems like TIME is in favour of me. – He smiled looking at her messages, after 5 years.

5 years ago he messaged through Facebook, 5 years later she messaged through WhatsApp πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

“Not every story have an end. When one ends, other begins.”

Based on a True story.

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

There she lived. (Part 1)

There he lived. (Part 2)

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