There he lived.

At evening, they left for Airport- He kept thinking should i say her what’s in my heart? or should keep it for the next time.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened..

To be Continued….

So from Tomorrow he will come with you to learn bicycle.. Hmm – She looked at her brother and said.

But yes i will take my time to practice and then i will lend him my bicycle. “Ok” – Zaid replied.

Come on zaid, We need to leave for practice. He is already standing outside waiting for you. “Hi bro – Have a seat behind me, Once she is done with her turn borrow it from her. “OK” – he replied.

Why do i have to lend my bicycle to him? Huh. let me practice first – She said to herself. Why don’t zaid sacrifice his turn and give him a chance. But that’s ok, he is here only for few days.

Why don’t he ask me directly for the cycle? Why do he have to say it to zaid and zaid to me? Can’t he be direct? He does not even seems a SHY type of a boy, then why?

Days passed by, One day when they were playing, he said “Will you play as an opponent” in the game, she agreed. As they were playing her small sister looked at his face, and saw the happiness and excitement when he was playing with her, “Look at his face – He is blushing” – she said to her another sister. Hmm ~ does he likes her? Maybe ~ let’s ask him tomorrow.

I don’t wanna think about him, No more – He is just a friend, not more than that. But why does he have to take a round around my classes. I see him almost everyday nearby my classes area. Is he stalking me? she asked herself.

But she never came to know that already her sisters knew that he had a CRUSH on her. They never said it to her. But yes they used to tease him by SHOUTING HER NAME ALOUD infront of him, to make him uncomfortable. I have noticed that whenever i shout any of my sisters name, he appears in his balcony and look towards our house. Why would he do that? ~ she kept thinking.

So from tomorrow you don’t need to sacrifice your cycle for him, he is returning back to his home, so enjoy your cycle ride alone from tomorrow – Zaid said to her.

“Stop it – Stop it” – She shouted at her heart. No more, I don’t want to think anything about him. “Zaid” – I am here to tell you goodbye, today i have my flight. Are you there on any social site? – He asked. She was looking at him, hiding behind the door. Zaid went to her and said “Give me your social site id, so that he can contact me through yours” – she wrote it on a piece of paper and handed over to him.

Will he ever message me? what would be the conservation we will have? – She kept thinking.

That was the last time she saw him.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened…

To be Continued…

There she Lived. (Part 1)

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