How it will E.N.D?

I don’t know how it’s going to end like, but at the end I want it to start beautifully, just like the verses which impart satisfaction to the souls and make them remember themselves forever. Its been almost 18 years of existence on this planet and still a question unsolved —

How it will end?

A question whose answer is not known!

Before that let us know about the one who is the ultimate examiner. Yes the Creator, the one who tests and also helps by providing all possible resources. He gave a proper book to guide us, so that we know our syllabus and prepare accordingly and sent down the refrences.

Hah! Then what’s the problem we’ve got the syllabus, the book and references too… Wait! when is the examination? Hmm that’s the twist, there is no datesheet you know🤷! We need to be prepared all the time. We always forget that there is some motive of our existence, nothing is on air and everything has a purpose. Talking about this world, it’s nothing but a big examination hall where there are open books and closed answersheet, where you have the Power to empower yourself and know about the powerful ( Almighty ), where you might get a chance to appear again for the examination or you might get a chance to go without an examination.

Alas! But nobody is ready to prepare for it even though the resources are with us. The distractions are overruling and making us choose the wrong refrences. Now we do know everything about it but we don’t want to prepare for it and we continue to play a bluff game. Walking in and out of the maze which is nothing but a distraction and a dilemma which made us so high that we think we’ve made it but actually we did nothing! The failure is painful, and it teaches a lesson which won’t be helpful then and again the same question will strike–

How it will end?

But this time I know the answer – It will end when we will start!



Arsh Haya,

Instagram: ganga__b.k

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