A wish to grant me a wish

I wish I could scribble and pour out the hurricane inside me, in different colours, potraying different shade for a variety of emotions with the exact words that’s haunting me till date, with the exact play replaying a nightmare, with the unasked compliments and support that has always been there likewise, I wish I could draw abstract art that would express every depth of selflessness within me, relentlessly, enduring consistent pain of hearing on loop that I am not good enough, similarly, I wish I could dance gracefully depicting every move how ecstatic I am when I wake up with beautiful dreams and not a nightmare, I wish I could immediately stop the chattering that’s going on in my mind of how things are going worse and yet I’ve to be strong enough to tolerate it, I wish I could have spoken and justified my point more clearly being less ambiguous and won the debate.

Charu Jagetia

Instagram – amorevalous

Mirakee- amorevalous


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