Your WORDS matter!

Today I’m here with a story, this incident is of 2019, I was traveling from Srinagar to chennai it was a pleasant morning. I sat in the car and bid goodbye to my family. I was traveling alone and I reached the airport shortly. I was excited to visit a new place but at the same time a bit perplexed. As an enthusiastic person I tried my best to explore the things. It was a good experience to be responsible for myself.

I entered inside the airport and completed the formalities, I found my respective gate and I sat there, A lady was sitting next to me she was quite old and as far as I remember she was traveling to a gulf country. Since it was my first time traveling alone that too from north (Srinagar) to south ( chennai). So I was nervous and excited at the same time. The lady who was sitting next to me wanted to have tea so she asked me if I can help her, and I was myself unaware about the things there, but still I told her to come with me so that it would be easier for both of us to explore. After that we came back to our place and she started a conversation, we talked a lot and suddenly the lady was in tears and she told me ” Beta mere liye dua karna” (child, pray for me). We didn’t knew each other, but I still wonder why she said that. But then I tried to change her mood and started a different conversation.

But you know what I understood that day, we should be kind to others, we never know from what situation the person is going through, we should not judge others on basis of what we see, be kind to everyone, for us it may be just an expression / word / sentence but for others it may be a deep gash or something which will make their day wonderful!

So it’s upto you! If You want to be the reason behind their smile then you need to smile first.



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