A Brighter Future Begin’s Today!

“I aspire to be, the one you see, flying up high, in the land of my dreams, where happiness is everywhere, and hard work paves my way, the endeavor I faced, to reach the success that I dreamt of one day.”

As a thirteen-year-old girl, I ponder through day and night, thinking about where, how, and what I will be in 15 years. But one thing I know for sure is that I will be happy. I know that, because I am sure that through the thick and thin moments of my life the one person I certainly will have beside me, will be myself. Standing right there, facing all the hurdles and overcoming them fiercely. Supporting my decisions no matter what and facing the outcomes with bravery and courage.
I am a very meticulous person when it comes to my work, therefore I need to surround myself with loving and inspiring people who understand how much my work means to me and, who motivate me through every step of it. I aspire to be someone who is kind, humble, and genuine.

Every day, I wake up with one thought that creates my mindset for the day, which is, “no matter what today brings in front of you, use it as a learning experience”. I may not succeed on the first try, neither on the second, but by my third time I would be experienced and I would know that I should not repeat these particular mistakes to reach the success that I dreamt of on the day that I started and all the days after it.

I want to end by saying “Don’t stop now, it’s too early, to estimate your worth, you must render. It will all be worth the wait, just try your best, and your hard work, perseverance, and determination will take care of the rest.”

Thank You!

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22 thoughts on “A Brighter Future Begin’s Today!

  1. The blog is quite nice. With a few corrections and improvements here and there , it would be even better. Considering that this is your first blog , it is great. Keep it up! Keep writing……

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  2. Very inspirational and good. really reflects who you portray and how you are in a positive way. Considering this as your first blog, you have done a phenomenal job, but just in future, don’t use a lot of quotes in your blog by others, use a saying or quote of your own. Anyways you rock girl.


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