Passion and Creativity

7 Ways to Encourage Creativity & Innovation On Your Team

“Passion is an open door for creativity”

You might be wondering why am I talking about passion and creativity when its clearly understandable. Well, Creativity and passion is not just two words, they have deep meanings and reasons hidden behind them. We tend to not recognize what exactly we mean by creativity and passion! Soo here I am a girl who strongly believe that for being creative, passion is required!

Creativity is something that you build in your self through passion and dedication. Nothing will be successful in life until you dedicate your time and efforts into it. When I say creativity, it means the patience and ability to do smart work rather than hard work. I completely agree hard work is important and its necessary, but it doesn’t mean that you keep on working hard for something that your doing wrong. Creativity means finding opportunities, using your time wisely and productively, coming up with all possible ideas to complete the task, keeping an open mind, and last, transforming ideas into products.

Now when I talk about passion, its all about the grace and feel you put up in your work, the amount of time you spend to present your task, the dedication you give and the responsibility you take up. Passion is something that you dwell for.

Without being passionate, creativity never works. The reason is quite simple. When your not passionate, you will find the easiest way to complete your task rather then letting yourself to take all possible ideas and be innovative enough to present your work. Passion and creativity are interdependent, if one evanesce the other too.

Well I know my thoughts might quite differ from the rest, but I would like all of you to think about the same. I would like to conclude by saying that “Passion is the only key to creativity, and creativity is the only key to success”!


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