The S.T.A.R.T

Three deep breaths, few simple stretches and a half frustrated brain. A pen in my hand and a blank paper on my table. Lots of wandering thoughts and the tick tock of the clock, so much I have but from where to start?

So, let’s do it again, but this time just the pen and not the pain.

I begin with myself, self which needs to be mine, but why so confusing, you must be thinking this girl is in some musings! But wait a minute and think how intrestingly every journey begins, so I start this once again and let the paper soak my emotions again!

So what would you love the most a poem or a simple prose? I prefer the poems the ones with healing verse, I do try to keep it near but sometimes it goes to abyss where I can feel it but I can’t find it. Does it happen with you too? Or I’m the only one with some strange hues.

I’ll be there with you sometimes to share my thoughts, till then goodbye!



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