Ridiculously society paints boundaries to plot differences and variations and media emphasis on public talks and not about individual problems and solution.

Fair taunts, whispering expression and just a to say words are impeccably enough to crushed a piece of good picture of life for someone who perceived so. This scenario is not to blamed in first basis to society, it’s primordial school – some one is named ‘haddi'(bony) some one is called haathi (elephant), another is called bona (dwarf) and other is recognised as palm tree. Neither the parents nor the mentor set oneself up to stop it then and there.

No! I am not forgetting to name family gathering and random relatives passing sweet-sour comment on kids and youth again killing their self esteem. I can never call kid as mischievous but rather the adult portion of the society are the most stupid one to do such things to the sprog.

Over the year all these sweet memories strangely slither around that sprog and constrict their mind and personality, gradually it hamper their psyche.

Do answer me my adult… will you ever feel okay if your boy/girl would get bullied by someone resisting a traumatic humiliation? No you never want this to happen but when it come to pass rough comment to other’s kid, it’s a great entertainment to you right.

It’s an humble request to the society, to lead a cease to body shaming, teach your kid not to hurt feeling of other person nor does you go for this execrable act.

Thank you for taking out some time to read this.



Shibani Dash


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5 thoughts on “BODY SHAMING

  1. I struggled with body image issues for so long and am currently overcoming ED but it feels good seeing other people speak up against it, will share this post and hope to stop body shaming!

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