Let me tell you something…

If you choose to leave (from my life) “without” saying or informing me anything about it… And after a year or two you return back and act as – Nothing happened…

I will support your assumption (while I know the reality) and will continue our friendship/relationship/connection. But if again you disappeared without informing, assuming you have the right to leave at any point of time!

Then remember, Once I leave… without informing “because” of what you did.. then you won’t ever find me coming back..! And believe me I can stay peacefully with and without you!


Don’t you all think it’s important to keep the other person informed before leaving their business/organisation or breaking their friendship/relationship/connections?

Because I am sure during this Quarantine, many people will return back to their past partner because of boredom or feeling alone and once this is gone they will leave you again!

Make sure you don’t entertain such things, if your past experiences deals with trust issues and sudden disappearing!

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