What HE taught me about the World?

He showed me 20 random pictures of both Male and Female!

And told me to guess who they were?

I shared my thoughts with him and told him – who I thought they were – Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer/Public Figure/Writer/Entrepreneur/Traveler/Architect/Graphic Designer, etc

He politely refused, and told me to guess again..

For a while, I kept silent, and then I told him – Hmmm… The only thing which I can confidently say is – They are Humans – Confirmed.

And from their facial features, expressions, postures – They appear as what I mentioned!

That’s when he replied – Abdul, have you ever felt.. If you don’t know the other person, their identity, caste, religion, race, culture, age, background, profession, etc – They all appear the same and give the feeling of being – “One of Us”?

That was the day when my father taught me something far beyond my age, life experiences, and profession.

He taught he how to look at the world!

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