Always remember your personal vision:

– Should not be dependent on anyone
– Should not be restricted to one place/organisation
– Should not be restricted to limited cities, or countries
– Should not involve fraud or misrepresentation of facts
– Should not harm humanity
– Should not be a burden/force on your own self
– Should not be surrounded by only greed, fame, money and popularity
– Should not be limited to a short span of time
– Should not destroy others in terms of lives/businesses “purposely”

But it should be:

– A source of peace for humanity
– A way to make ease in day to day life of people
– An inspiration for your own self
– A path you choose willingly
– A source of uplifting humanity
– A commitment towards providing “The” best quality/service
– A commitment to support people morally and financially
– A commitment to serve with humility, justice, understanding and wisdom
– A commitment to become best in your respective fields and provide the best services possible
– A commitment to learn, grow, share, and live a peaceful and satisfied life!

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