I was left alone in the forest when I was born…

… and I found out there is a superior power(Almighty GOD) that rules everything, I saw it with my own eyes, and perceived it with my own ears, and understood it with my heart...

And so I learned we are free, to follow the choices… There are no limits..

But yes there are consequences of evils I did.. and I repaid it harder than the evil I committed…

We are free – But the choices decides the quality of our lives

#Lesson of life..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Begin with the end

I kept on trying, deep inside i was dying.

All i needed was someone to care for me when i was Standing alone in my life fighting..

I couldn’t explain them what’s happening in my mind, and this voice in me is slowly dying..

It seems like someone had poisoned me, and i can’t breathe even when i am really totally physically fine.

I seeked for a path but i am confused because i see everyone else leaving me behind..

I have many dreams, but can’t live my life – According to the way i have decided..

But then One day i stopped and tried, imagining the Beautiful end of the things i should be trying…

That’s how i started once again and won my life, because i was missing the concept of “Beginning with the end” in my mind 😊

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi