How to fight corona virus globally?

We all are aware about the current conditions of the world, where human lives are in danger. Below are few points which I think can help in fighting this deadly virus:

1) Political Parties and #Influential personalities need to take the matter seriously and spread #awareness among the masses.

2) Religious leaders need to make sure people pray at their homes for the time being, and do not become host for others.

3) #Doctors across the society/city/country, need to come together and help with equipment or medicine which are the need of this time. Instead of thinking they don’t have anything to offer.

4) People who are willingly to fund monetarily, can appoint one person in the area who can cook food in bulk, which can be distributed to the poor who are completely dependent on others.

5) YOU – Become aware about your #family, relatives, friends, neighbor – And keep a check on your health and needs, as well as theirs. #COMMUNICATE.

6) When the government is taking #initiative of lock-down to stop the spreading of the virus – Please take it seriously.

#leaders should be ready with the next step!

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