A smell of scent can do wonders…

A smell of scent can do wonders, and this reminded him of the day when he stole a bottle of musk from the streets of hunz, a place where you can find diamond sellers and precious perfume makers exhibits their product for auction. It usually takes hours and hours of bidding to decide who owns what and when is the product supposed to be dispatched. Between the time of signing papers and taking the auctioned product to the mode of transport, is the perfect moment to steal. But you need to know the art of stealing – to be visible at the place, but Invisible in front of people’s eye. After years of stealing, Tachoas was the only one who could cleverly steal the musk which was bought for auction from the land of Arabia, costing billions of dollar. He was paid $5000 in advance for accomplishing the task of bringing the Musk in the hands of Duke, the gangster of his time.

But like I already said I am a man of desire, nothing can buy me – And piece of paper is worthless. Though Duke gave me $5000 for bringing him the musk, I fell in love with the smell of it, and once I fell in love – Nothing matters.

As this memory passed by my mind, I found myself more closer to her, standing right behind – trying to figure out which place she belonged to, and what was the purpose of her visit.

Jude, I have told you many times to stay close, but you never listen… Stay together now said a man interfering into my personal space, and caught her hand, and protected her like a shield.

His move made me angry, but I tired remaining silent – Repeating to myself.. Calm down.. Calm down.. Tachoas… Azel.. Azel.. Tachoas…

That entire night he kept imagining about Jude, the fragrance.. her eyes.. her body.. and her sweet voice when she replied to the Man.. “I am sorry Albert, this place is different from all the other places we have been too.. this place seems like home.. mesmerizing the mind of visitors, and the captivating breeze.. but tomorrow we will surely visit the other half of the market..” those words made place in his heart.. and took over his sleep. That whole night he kept turning on his sides, trying to calm his past memories.

“Tachoas… I love you.. please don’t do this to me… Please.. Please.. I love you tachoas…” the agony of pain in her voice, when he burnt her alive mercilessly.. after fulfilling his bodily lust..

The memories of past, when he killed a women just because – She said – You look dirty… and the young boy when he broke his knees, hands and neck just because he was helping an old man, who Tachoas hated.. and the young daughter of Duke he killed, when Duke threaten his life because of not handing him the musk. And the face of Zirsh who committed suicide in the middle of the market, because someone stole his livelihood earnings, which was supposed to fulfill his household requirement for years. And the voice of the young born whom he buried alive – Because the family filed a robbery case against him.     

With all this memories in his mind, he was trying to concentrate on just one face – Jude.. and the plan to spend sometime with her, before the master-plan can come into effect!

I know how – I am going to kill Azel… But I want you to know.. Now as you are reading it.. You are also a partner in crime… Because the master-plan came into effect right now…


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