The Masterplan for Azel’s Murder!

It was not long ago when Azel was also known as Tachoas, A person who committed uncountable crimes – Including murder, rape, stealing, extortion, land grabbing, kidnapping and all other crimes you can ever imagine of.

Wait… Who am I? Sharing the story of Azel with you? And what do I seek after sharing this story? ….

Stop guessing… Let me tell you who I am? Someone who knows Azel from inside out, I spied on him, his whole life. But he don’t remember me – Because he never felt my presence… Sad enough..

He was not that old when he entered into the field of crime, not because of his circumstances, but it was his desire to experience the devil side which lived within him… because the words like purpose and meaning meant nothing to him, they were just words, which the world spoke about without thinking much. So that’s how it all began..

When he was 14 years old, I saw the lust in his eyes, the hunger to eat.. Not the hunger – Hunger.. But a different kind of hunger to get whatever he wished for.. After losing his parents to death at the age of 6, he spent his life in the corners of the streets, sleeping with dogs and all kinds of dirt.. Believing himself to be dirty as well.. Because the ray of education never touched his mind, all he experienced was about suffering, surviving, and stealing..

It was winter, when the hunger rose, the time when the markets are filled with buyers, and exchanges of thousands takes place. And you could have seen him eying on a town women, wearing gold of thousands, and purse carrying lakhs.. for an hour he kept following her, but with each seconds… he got closer and closer… until the smell of her perfume entered through his breath, attracting him more closely. From that moment it was not only about stealing her purse but to steal her completely. Everyone and everything related to her life, her body, thoughts, emotions, belonging and her family. A beginning of a mystery.. a lovers lust.. and the crimes he committed to get her…!

Who am I… Someone who knows how, where and when Azel will die… Someone to whom you will come back to.. to know.. what happens.. next….

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