Into the Future.. 2021

Date: 27th September, 2021

A journey to the high

I started my journey with a youth organization called I.I.M.U.N. – India’s International Movement to Unite Nation. An organization that focuses to build future leaders, and global thinker! In association with United Nations. And the role I played in that place was significant which was to find a host (Head School), get the contract signed on mutual basis, invite other schools, guests of higher profiles, plan, organize, manage accounts, communicate, lead the team, and execute.  A perfect place to learn more about your skills and developing your personality. And the best part, you are the face in the city for which you work (If you worked hard, and gave the conference a good position) speaking on stage about your experience of organising the conference to acknowledging all the guests and delegates with a heartfelt thank you. But let me tell you something – that place is not for everyone – And by that I mean, if you are hardworking, smart, talented and can bear pressure then you will survive, or else you will be the first to quit.

After working for years in that place, I started to realize – your growth will accelerate, and your confidence too. But one must remember, with every year your age increases, staying surrounded by kids of 16 – 23 can be a good thing, but not the best. Because you will have to compromise with the level of maturity and understanding you have. Things can be misinterpreted, and it can anytime turn into controversy. Because of communication gap, experience and age. It’s hard to make kids understand the perspective you see the world from – By that I don’t mean to say you need to be close minded, but for that others must be willingly to listen patiently – What is said and Why? Which does not happen. Because they all use their brain, assuming things on their own, without asking for clarification. I remember all the moments spent with I.I.M.U.N, because it gave me a sense of belonging in this world. And to do something which was bigger than me.

With time, I learned – As you grow you need to stay with grown people to understand more about life, instead of kids who don’t care about college, education and take things for granted. I am not of those, who take life for granted – I am serious about my vision, my choices and my company (people I surround myself with). I still respect the place I worked for, and everything it gave me the learning curve and the growth opportunity. But for a plant to become a tree it need a good environment, with all the other resources. Similarly it goes with human growth – It requires, good environment to flourish.

At that place I cultivated the art of patience and active listening, because it was a transparent office where everyone was loud and clear. So it helped me to develop choices when I spoke to others. It gave me a pathway to overcome challenges and provide productive solution. I must agree it was a good place for exposure, and to build your identity. But at one point you will seek to move forward doing something bigger than that. I never took that place for granted, nor am I. But with time you need people who support, motivate and encourage you to move forward in life and boost your morale. But at a place where everyone is trying to fit in and cover up their insecurities, it’s hard to find motivation. And that’s how I learned to stay self motivated. As I always say God is a strategic planner – “No doubt, He is…” but it takes time, observation, faith, hope, and connectivity to figure out that plan.

With a vision I started, to create change in the world, not an area, city, cities, country, countries, nation, nations, but the entire world. I will reach wherever I can, with whatever mode of transport, in whichever month of year – But you will find me across the world uplifting the vibes of the world. According to the requirement of the place, taking new lead roles, in different organizations and companies. At the moment I see my life getting stable – I am learning more about investments, effective marketing strategies, leadership roles and responsibilities, healthy networking, building online presence, collaborating with people on multiple levels, reading novels – fiction, mystery, business, and mostly about sharing my vision with the world in a fun, adventurous, humorous and engaging way.

When I see back on my journey with the organization I worked for – I see healthy challenges, struggles, patience, team work, public speaking skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills, confidence, conflict management skills and active listening skills took place within me. But I choose to grow, I have a long way to go..

As it is said… Up above the world so high.. like a diamond in the sky.. Shining brightly in the night sky… keeping in mind the darkness that is present inside the land when you will die..

With faith, open mindedness and courage I move forward in life… And now I see things which are hidden beyond a normal person eyes. A humbling journey to the stars and peacefully in the land which is below the ground I today stand.


Abdul Gani Punjabi

Into the future

Note: Currently it’s my 7th month in the Organization.

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