There are different ways to murder someone…

There are different ways to murder someone – Stab them with a knife from behind, suffocate them to death when they are sleeping, mix a poisonous tablet in their drink, shoot them right in the chest, or play with them the game of love.. and kill them slowly with over burdening their emotions and feelings! Which one to choose to kill Azel with, I was confused.. That’s when a flicker of memory passed through my eyes –

“Okay.. I will  Tachoas..  I am sorry in advance – But as per your wish I will do it, just for you…” a blur memory of a person whom Azel met before, but was unable to recognize.

At 7 in the early morning, he left for the market – Waiting eagerly for her.. making arrangement at the café where he was planning to bring her for coffee. Though the market starts at 10, what bought him this early morning was his sleepless night filled with his ugly past memories.

When the market came to live at 9:45 am, and the freshness of the day took place, and a ray of hope arose within his heart – To spend a day with a women he fell in love with. He had the plan of how he was going to implement the strategy of diverting Albert’s attention and bring Jude to the café. It was simple – He bribed a shopkeeper to present a special sweet to Albert and Jude for tasting, and to mix some dangerous ingredient in one of the piece which should be handed to Albert, which will make his unconscious for few hours. And once he starts feeling sick, Azel will take care of the situation.

Something similar happened, the shopkeeper did what he was instructed, and when Jude asked for help, Azel guided them to café – As planned. While, Albert was resting his head on the table – Azel took the opportunity to ask – Where are coming from? And what’s your name? At the same time – He ordered for 2 special coffee. Without hesitation Jude replied “We are travelling all the way from Tanazol, some 400 km away from here, we heard this place invites buyers and sellers across the world – this place is known for it’s value and so we are here to purchase something unique…. And what about you?

Azel was lost in the conversation, listening to her voice very attentively – And focusing on her red lips, where he was planning to place a kiss soon. So the question of Jude went unheard, until the waiter interrupted with the cups of coffee. This interruption bought his attention back, and when he saw the confusing face of Jude – He realized, she was expecting an answer…

Taking a sip of coffee, he replied “My name is not that important… and it does not make a difference.. But people call me Azel.. I grown up in this place, wandering in the market – searching and analysing for products which can satisfy my thirst, but till today, I never found anything valuable….”

“And what do you consider as valuable..?” questioned Jude.

“Something which can bring peace to my soul, after committing so many sins…”


“Yes… Like the one I am going to commit right now..”

Looking deeply into her eyes without blinking, he moved forward and planted a kiss on her red lips.. Suddenly his memories started to faded, and the crimes he committed appeared again before his eyes.. his heartbeats increased and he felt suffocated.. without a second thought he moved back pushing her apart…

“What have you done to me….?” I asked her, trying to get control over my breath..

I want to spend more time with her… Please.. Please.. I don’t want to die.. I don’t.. and then the blur face appeared in my mind..

“Okay.. I will  Tachoas..  I am sorry in advance – But as per your wish I will do it, just for you…”

It was Jude, who I met – Few days ago, sharing the masterplan to kill myself – Without Azel and Tachoas knowing how we will die…

The reason I am sharing this story with you is because – I want you to know, it’s not easy to find peace after committing so many horrendous crime, and every single day you will wait for death to take you.. But it won’t… your life will become a living hell… when you play with the moral conduct of human nature. I want you to understand – To commit a crime to fulfil your desire is more worst, then committing a small sin for survival.

If you ever find a man like me, please show some care, love and affection – Because the desire to commit crime occurs when there is – “LACK OF”

I could have committed suicide but it takes a lot of courage and isolation, so I chose a master plan to murder myself – Without being a murderer myself.

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