They always ask me..

What keep you so energetic and inspires you.. that you speak continuously for hours.. and the audience enjoy your session, they don’t get bored or frustrated.. Instead get inspired and motivated..

What is the element behind it?

Today I would like to answer them
The secret is.. When your purpose becomes your passion, and your passion is supported by skills and talents.. and your skills and talents are acquired through years of experience.. and to gain that experience.. You had a thought of doing something great! And you pursued it with faith and trust in the creator, that he will guide me and show me the path.. through those who have been through it!

Then you will see the element getting into you.. Urging you to use your skills, knowledge, experience, passion to fulfill that purpose/Vision! And when you speak to the audience, you involve and engage them in such a way, that they start to believe. this is what we believe in.

The secret is you need to have a firm belief, that whatever is happening is strategically planned by the Almighty God! And when the choices are within your capacity, choose the wise one!

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