I have two advice for you..! And firstly for myself.

1) If you are sad, depressed, lost, hopeless – It is really hard to imagine positive things, or to say positive words. So try – If you cannot say something positive, atleast stop doing the negative inner talks you are continuously doing.. That’s the first step.. Stop with evil, instead of forcing to do good.!

2) Believe me – Once you cross the state of sadness and depression, and reach the state of Peace.. It will be hard, and almost impossible for you to imagine your past pain, and suffering. Because your Joy and Peace will take over your pain and suffering..! So remember – Always pray to God, and have firm believe in him.. and be grateful.. not only by tongue but from heart too..!

I have been through both states 1) and 2).. and I will pray to Allah to keep me in the 2) state and keep blessing me till I pass away from the face of this earth..!

I rarely give advice to people, but today I felt like sharing it – Because it’s my personal experience 😊