Why I share?

Do you know why I share, what I share? Even when I know – very few of you read it..!

Because I believe – When I know something good which can help people to improve their quality of life and peace of mind.. I feel motivated and inspired to share.

My main aim is to make you familiar with what’s going on in the world around you..! Even if you don’t believe in what I share, I am glad that you read it and it is feeded into your subconscious mind. So later in life when something similar to what I write – Happens..! You will remember my name.. and what I said…!

Subconscious mind is the place where the seed is planted..! And I choose to plant that seed into your mind..!

4 thoughts on “Why I share?

  1. Thank you for choosing subjects on your blog that help to ping my subconscious mind. I enjoy having my mind stimulated with thought and focus pieces. What’s that saying: “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste?! Knowing why you write what you write, and in such a thoughtful way, is super fantastic. When I visit your blog, and others like yours, I feel fed. I never leave hungry. Much appreciated!🤗

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    1. Thanks Miss..! I am glad that you find my blog a place of learning and feel super fantastic..! I love to share such topics… coz I believe our subconscious can be our best friend or worst enemy..!

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