1. Appreciation (In words/gifts/care) – for taking care, food, household work, balance in life, supporting.

  2. Safety and Security.

  3. Someone with whom she can share her secrets freely.

  4. A good Companion.

  5. Someone to listen, when she pour her heart out – feelings and emotions (and guide her if she want).

  6. Romance- Kisses, hugs, holding hands, glances, Playfulness (Intercourse is excluded).

  7. Someone she can say – Mine (Father/Brother/Husband/Children).

  8. Someone to help her in the household work.

  9. Someone to whom she can complain without feeling judged.

  10. An understanding and supporting family after Marriage.

  11. Husband who expresses himself, instead of repressing his feelings and emotions – making her doubt, her own self-worth.

  12. Finally she need a place, which she can call home – Peaceful, energetic, Inspiring, Safe and Secure – Belongingness.


To claim someone as “MINE”, you can claim it – Out of Control or Love. It’s up to you which one you choose.

— Abdul Gani Punjabi