The love in you….

I saw you standing in the fields, the fields where my life was growin..

I saw you dancing in the rain, crying for my life…

You were there, so was I, Why don’t you tell me that – that – that = It was a lie…

I know the love was true, and your tears were blue… Why – Why – Why?..

We have been watching over you like a flying kite… In the air so wild…

Come – Come – Come β–ͺ Let’s hug and be one below the sky…

I wanna cry, because of the love you gave when I was on my low & you on the highs…

You have been watching, I have been watch’in – let’s now accept the fact that our eyes were meant to fell in love, which was the best moment of my life…

—- Copyrights Reserved 2018

Abdul Gani Punjabi

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