I wanna became a M.A.N…

…. It is not what you think man is.. M.A.N is what makes A man – M.A.N…

M – Money

A – Authority

N – Needs

β—‡ If you have “M” but no “A” and “N”.. I won’t stay with you !

β—‡ If you have “A” but no “M” and “N” I won’t stay with you…

β—‡ If you have “N” but no “M” and “A” I won’t be with you…


If you have M.A.N altogether then I am with the right M.A.N

— Thanks Mr Martin Xavier for teaching me this..

9 thoughts on “I wanna became a M.A.N…

      1. Sir what i believe that i definitely became a M.A.N. one day but not a man. Sometimes i feel that ki kaash main bhi ldkaa hoti when i heard this particular line “ye mtt kro log kyaa kahenge “.I don’t understand ye log kon h jo itnaa kehte h or girls k hi case main q kehte h boys ki kyaa koi maryaadhaa nhi hoti.
        Sir your writing is awesome. n thanks for giving us inspiration through your words.

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      2. Ruchi thank you for the respect you give.. I believe that GOD has made my path easier to.meet people with wisdom and knowledge.. And i feel it as a duty and worship to GOD to propgate this knowledge to others…

        Be a “M.A.N”… Because nowadays man cannot be considered as M.A.N…

        All the best! Stand out of the rest..

        GOD ne hame banaya hi alag alag hai.. to har rooz ham same kaam kyu karen ?…

        Peace πŸ’œ


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