Letter to my twenty-five year old self….

I see this smile on your face Abdul, I know this was unexpected but this is what you wanted me to do – To send me a letter so that I can remember you better… Read it with love because “I know you have achieved your dreams, and your journey is getting more excited”..
I saw you surrounded by million of people in the world’s biggest auditorium who came to get inspired by your speech just because they believed in you, they saw light in you.. Your dream of speaking to million in “ONE GO”.. Yes you achieved it..

Do you remember you said me “Age is not a barrier Abdul please don’t waste this precious moments you have right now.. I want no regrets at the age of 25. I know you understood me so much, it was harder for others to know my thoughts, because you considered yourself secretive, and all your secrets were creating your own life
I see you as a Humble person, though you earn in billions, you are not proud nor greedy with this material world.. Because you always remember DEATH is at the corner and you can’t take it along with you in the grave. I know when you started in your eighteens you had very less support but that’s when you decided to rock and roll.. and take lead of your life..
Your first novel gave you confidence, and now you have just completed your 11th novel. It feels great to hold your creation in your hands and thanks the Creator for giving you this skills to impart your knowledge into this world. Your YouTube videos had got better and you know how to make it short and on point. This is why they are in love with you, because you love what you do…

I know you are travelling to Scotland tomorrow, the 23 country on your travelling list, your visions are fulfilled by the will of GOD. I see you, using your voice and connection with your soul as a source of inspiration to the world. And I am glad you read all the religious books, and respect all of them – This made it more easier for you to connect with the world. You are appreciated for your good character, and the guidance you provide to the world.
Did you saw how happy MOM is when she hears your name all around the world, and the aha- moment which is always followed by her prayer ” May Allah Guide you, bless you with good health, lawful wealth, the best moral character, and a coolness to our eyes, following the laws of GOD, and leave a beautiful light wherever you go”… You always heard her supplicating not only for you but for all three of us !.. Yes her prayer acted as a source of inspiration for you and boosted your courage – So don’t ever forget about her.. and DAD you are my hero – you thought me without expressions life is like without life… The love and respect for you is never-ending…
I see you spending quality time with your family, and your sisters – having awesome holidays around the globe, but I noticed that you are steadfast with your prayers,fasting, and the firm believe in Allah/GOD… and your curiosity in learning and gaining knowledge..
Abdul you have made it, I know some of them left you on this journey, and most of them are with you – who are trustworthy, because you are trustworthy…
Aren’t this the lessons you learned in this age:

  1. Value each moment – Your family, friends, goals, achievement, and your body, soul, spirit, and the power of your mind..
  2. To be our true self is the real achievement – eliminate what you are not.
  3. Believe in your vision and dreams, because your power of believe made it possible through hard-work and smart work, and now you are here in Germany living by your dreams..
  4. Always be humble, and down to earth.
  5. Uplift those who come to seek knowledge from you.
  6. Love is the language universally accepted..
  7. Help the needy, orphan, poor because it gives us sense of satisfaction and bring us near to Creator.
  8. You have met great people in your life – because of the connections you made, and the people you surrounded yourself with..
  9. Your education and the certificate you earned, are valuable when they look after your resume ! It speaks aloud – listen again it speaks aloud So save your certificates..
  10. Experience matters, So the best advice you followed was – Feel it, experience it, create it..

Abdul Gani Punjabi whatever lawful you wished for are granted, and your connection with the soul has deepen, your are happy for the hard-time because it makes you more conscious of GOD/ALLAH, and help you to increase gratitude for what you own now…
Abdul you have learned many things in life, but remember The day of Accountability is going to come, so prepare yourself with the best of the deeds !…
Ya Allah, Bless me with the good of this world, as well as of the hereafter, and protect me from hell, and grant me the highest level of paradise… And make my living and death a form of worship to you, and bless me light in my grave…
Abdul I know this is important to you because when NOW you are 25 you don’t want to have regrets saying ” Advice to my younger self – The twenty”…
I love you Abdul Gani, And no-one knows this better than you…
If you are alive, I am happy to say – “I am following your advice”, and if you have passed away from this world then I would say – “At least you planned something great for yourself”….
Knowledge – knowledge – knowledge !!!

Love of my life…. Pursue it… Love it… Cherish it...

— Copyrights reserved 12-07-2018

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

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