Don’t ever think I will treat you like ‘just’ another blogger….

….no way – I have many things to learn from you, I don’t mind how many followers you have, I don’t mind where you are from, I just wanna know your beautiful soul –  from the gift you have – LIFE ! 

Instead of calling you a blogger, I wanna call you seeker of Truth, Giver of light, Gems of experiences, and especially real people to connect !

You are not like others – Or else you wouldn’t be reading this post..


3 thoughts on “Don’t ever think I will treat you like ‘just’ another blogger….

  1. I must admit, I do consider myself unique. This is exactly what I love about WordPress, and other bloggers I visit here. You are also unique, a seeker, and have so much to teach, inspire, make me giggle, think, etc. I even feel an eyebrow going up once in a while. Right now, I’m seeing that one of your categories is: Spark. I’ll be checking this category out for sure. Thanks for sharing your Self with us your readers. Much appreciated!!!

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    1. I am so happy that you took your precious time for encouragement and positive vibes.. Yes – We all are unique, & incomparable..

      Yeah – “Spark” is my main category.. Because I believe when you hit a light once ☆ It with change your life forever

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