What do you think about me !

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For a speaker, writer, blogger it’s important to know How the readers feel about his art…

So honestly fill up this form and let me know !


Author: Abdul Gani

In the world where everyone tries to fit into the label of "Normal" i try to fight against that "normal" to reach my own potential, And be my "Authentic Self". On my blog you will find, Water that soften the soil and helps it to grow fruitful plants... I am seed which gets into your soul and helps it find it's purpose and Destiny πŸ˜‡

12 thoughts on “What do you think about me !”

  1. To be frank Abdul, though I didn’t comment on all, but I’ve almost read all your post. One thing that I like about your posts are that… “You stay positive. You dream big and so are your beautiful posts. You speak stuff that are so very realistic and wherein the readers can relate to you on the same grounds”. If not for other, at Least in my case. Your a gem of a writer. Continue writing!!!

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    1. Thank you soo much, this means a lot – It feels good to see positive souls out there.. What I am learning is how to connect with my brothers, and sisters out there ! You are not My reader BUT brothers & sisters, and friends !

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    1. Bhavna.. I must say – Your blog is outstanding.. In this world where everyone focuses only on problem.. You are making them aware of their needs (problems) and providing them amazing solution..
      Really I am meeting great people nowadays ! πŸ”₯ You are one of them now ❀


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