I saw a girl yesterday; she was hot but not beautiful.

Whole day I search for sleep, but my thoughts wanders in the ash tray..

Smoking is what he choose, I never said she was yours – It was just a glance that made you slave.

Look at yourself, I had made you weak – and now you are ready to cross any boundary to have a good sleep.

Your heart is crying, because of what evil you are trying.

Love – Do you see? People think I am you, and you are living on the road in the eyes of those sleeping on floor with no one to rely.

How easy it is for me to interpret the word lust into love which is pure and high.

So you blame me now “O Human” when I had fulfilled, your lustful desire? Wasn’t it you asking me to force her through those chats where everything was lie?

I made everything seems easy for you, and now you ask me – You were lust, and made a living hell out of my life?

O mankind, why don’t you understand I am just an evil desire, leading you astray from the peace of your heart and mind.

In a living relationship – That’s what I told you to name me.

And after having physical pleasure, you want to separate because there was no understanding of each other, and you blame love for not giving you a life partner, and leading you to depression – Because superficial attention it was, that you were trying.

Love I have a message for you, I hope it reaches you when people start trying – You are all around the world, it just the lack of understanding and purpose, which helps me to lead people away from each other and live in isolation – naming me as you, but little do they know you are pure and true and I am a blissful lie.

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi