My mother prayed for 20 years..

My mother is a person of prayer, who firmly believes in supplication.. I see her praying continuously for my father, since they were married. My father had a sad & traumatic childhood due to which he isolated himself. His isolation was so deep that, what he cared was about nothing. He relied on my mom for everything.

My mom had been praying for his well-being from past 20 years, every single day.. But the effects were very little..

At time she was hopeless, but never stopped believing in GOD.

When I was in india, I met my grandmother (She had altogether another sad story, due to misunderstanding and lack of support she was divorced) that’s when i know about my father..

My father was an amazing person back then, full of enjoyment, Love, high energy.

But when her mother was “Forced” to leave the house, her own husband did not supported her. ie – My grandfather (He have another depressing life story, he lost his mother at a very young age – due to which he had no one to guide, and his step-brother’s wife always said “You are the step son, so your brother has more right than you” – whole life he heard this statement, and he too isolated himself)..

So indirectly, my father suffered this loss, but never said how he felt from within, this isolation made my mother worried, but the reason behind it was hardly known to her.

I always heard her praying for my father, Oh Allah (GOD) guide him, bless him, and have mercy upon our family..

This time when I visited here In saudi Arabia, I realized she always prayed for him in her heart but never said him or expressed her prayer in any form.. So this Ramadan (Blessed month) I told her to supplicate aloud at the time of iftar (ending the fast/sunset prayer), so that we can say Ameen (Make God Accept it)..

This was I guess the first time my father heard my mother praying for him aloud.. From past 2 days I noticed change in my father, he is getting better than before and his high spirit is returning back.. Though there are other factors too, like I cleared his thought about why his mother left him at early age, what was the real matter, and “HOW” and “WHY” his father behaved the way he behaved..

Surely this few things are reframing his life, I see him happy, happy than ever before – Few things can change our life !

Our family history is changing – A change which my mother always prayed for..

When you pray for someone tell/express them you are praying for them !

#Sharing my real life, so you may learn from it.

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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