Yes, I never said it BuT..

…. I have seen your innocent face when you sleep,

… I have seen you smiling at me, which i rarely noticed..

… I have seen you fighting with me half-heartedly, Because you always believed in LOVE, more than misunderstandings..

…. I have seen you crying, for hurting me – even when i was at fault..

…. I have seen you convincing her, To buy me the best things which you yourself never got..

… I have seen you worried, when they said “your BROTHER is crazy,” but you were polite..

… I have seen you sitting next to me, and telling me “Your are gifted, Just don’t get into the “RUT” of internet..

… i have seen you looking at my photos, when i was not nearby YOU..

… I have seen that smile on your face, When you acted like child, When i was around you..

… I have seen you waiting for my reply, when you needed my help – You trusted me and relied on me..

… I have seen you fighting against them, Telling them “I BELIEVE IN MY BROTHER’S ABILITY, Just give him time to figure it out”..

…. I have seen you sitting at the corner of the room reading novels, Inspiring me to “READ

… I have seen you asking mom to cook my favourite food, and you did it with love – Which made it more delicious to eat..

… I have seen you worried, When i said “I may end my life, I am depressed – and i have no idea what life holds ahead for me”… and you slapped me tight saying.. “Idiot” you are giving up soo early.. Atleast give life a chance to kick you down and bring you onto your knees.. That’s when you will know “HOW TO STAND ON YOUR FEET”…

… I have seen you getting jealousy of my lifestyle – Because it was you who always wanted to be free…


… Without you my life would have been empty..

… Without you – I would have ended my life soon..

… Without your love, I would had become a “PEOPLE PLEASURE”..

… Without you i would had never got to know what responsibility and struggle is..

… Without you… Abdul Gani Punjabi… Would not have been able to call you my elder sis

… Without you.. I would have not given any one the rights to call me “IDIOT“… It’s your love that reflects when you call me “IDIOT“… And i am proud of it – When “YOU” say it ❀

— Love You Miz 😘😘😘

#Dedicated to My love/Motivation/inspiration/Family …. Sister πŸ”₯

12 thoughts on “Yes, I never said it BuT..

      1. Most of the times we think.. Expressing love is not important for our siblings.. they will understand.. But sometimes we need to make them realize we are their for them

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