Love i am ready…

Form the rejections to the down-side,

I kept crying, Hiding myself in my apartment tall and high,

She was in love, But i doubted my strength – which made her leave me on the town side..

I kept weeping for the memories we had shared, And now she was loving someone else..

Was i not good enough, I asked the person standing in the mirror very sad..

He looked up at me and said,Are you ready for Love? First tell me that”..

I stood there looking at him – Trying to figure out answer which can manipulate my brain..

But now i know, I was not ready for Love – and i was afraid to share..

And smiled back at him – and yelled up high…


It was raining one day, and he found her alone walking down the lane…

He covered her with umbrella and the rain just disappeared – in the storm that took place…

She kept walking without realizing his presence….

Finally she broke down, and hugged him tight…

Seems like you are ready for Love, let’s have some “love time”…

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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